I saw the Devil

One of the best revenge movies period. Probably THE best (not exaggerating)! I guess this could also be a Korean movies thread but there’s one movie that I had to make a thread about. “I Saw the Devil” is on its own league of suspense, brutal gore, and revenge flick. This is one hell of a serial killer movie and definitely not for the feint of heart. You can stream it on Netflix.

BTW the main villain is Oh-Dae Su from Oldboy!

This review pretty much sums it up for me:
“I was speechless after watching this film. This is very difficult to watch because of the brutality and the strong performances that make this movie seem so real. The ending will make you rewatch it many times and this is a very different film from others regarding revenge. A must!”

A top critic from Rottentomatoes says, “A thriller that makes you wish you knew how to scream “O.M.G.” in Korean.”

“Possibly the most violent film ever, I Saw The Devil makes Hostel look like a teddy bears’ picnic.”

Ohr mai gar is pretty close tbh.

Also I’m a wimp and get freaked out easily so I wouldn’t watch it, but maybe I’ll mention it to a friend.

A Korean revenge film better than Oldboy? Well this deserves a watching.

Between that and Lady Vengeance, I don’t know how that’s even possible.

OMG is Eomaya (pronounced Uh-mah-yah) in Korean. TMYK.

I got a recommendation for ya. Take it to the Movie thread!

OP, I will queue this up to watch. Thanks.

Really? Hm…I will add it to my things to watch list on netflix.

while we’re on this topic, anymore revenge movies you guys would recommend?

The Man from Nowhere! Another EPIC must-watch movie. It’s like Taken/Bourne but better IMO. The fight choreography and camera shots are simply amazing. Best knife battle ever! If anyone’s seen better, please let me know!

Add The Man from Nowhere to your watch list as well everyone! Fuck I’m becoming a Korean movie fanatic. I’m now watching “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” next.

It’s a decent film overall. It’s just that it gets more and more over the top as the film progresses. Typically films involving serial killers will at least make a show of being somewhat true to how real serial killers operate (but obviously with Hollywood exaggerations). Well this film takes the cake with the exaggeration to the point where the killer seems anything but human – if anything it works great as mindless over the top entertainment.

The Man from Nowhere is pretty damn cool.

stop what youre doing right now.

watch I saw the Devil.

Maybe I’ve gotten tired of korean revenge flicks when I watched this one, dont get me wrong its not a bad movie at all, but it just didnt work for me. I didnt compare it with Oldboy when watching it, even if I did, i dont think the movie affected me as much as Oldboy did.

I felt like “meh” throughout the whole movie, excluding a few scenes here and there.

LOL did you just finish watching it omfg?

What I like about this movie in particular is that it’s very different from rest of the revenge movies. Most movies show the bad guy killing good guy’s wife, friend, parents, etc and good guy goes out hunting and eventually wins.

In “I saw the Devil,” good guy finds bad guy very early on, and now you have 90 more minutes of really fucked up shit that unfolds. It takes you on a journey of the protagonist’s mental state and slowly see him become worse than the serial killer himself.
END SPOILER I don’t know how to use the spoiler thing lol.

This movie truly shows human nature at its worst. Makes you think and question your OWN mentality if it happened to you and how you would WANT to do those things to the bad guy.

Yup, so cool for sure.

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nope haven’t finished watching it yet, still in the middle of it. stopped for a while, starting back now. I’ll watch Oldboy later, whatever the hell that is

I am intrigued

finished it now.

I Saw The Devil

[details=Spoiler]the scariest part is, I saw most of that ending coming and it still surprised me. I knew he was pretending to feel fear. I knew main char would save him from that spot. what I didn’t know is that he’d eventually make him experience fear by using that trick.

a devoted human is actually pretty terrifying[/details]

I found the chaser to be better, although they’re not quite similar in style. I definitely enjoyed the painful reflection the events of the movie called for though

watching Oldboy.

imo this movie sucks compared to the other one. but it manages to get its own point across

edit: nm it was ok

edit: nm again, I take back everything I said. it was slow, that’s the only beef I have with it