I saw the Devil

Now go watch The Man from Nowhere.

Ok i have to see this movie thanks guys.


wow old boy looks interresting enough, ima dl it right now. dont know about i saw the devil, might be good.

man from nowhere was bad imo. the movie sucked, if only those eyes were hers…

even if they were, the movie was still silly. its not hollywood bad like tf, jijoe or other dumb flicks, its just not good.

all that being said, oldboys looks like ittl be fun.

Need to check this out this movie ASAP it seems.

Also, I fully back Oldboy just for that hallway hammer fight. It was too good.

Hahaha yea the hallway fight with the Hammer is pretty cool, tho kind of funny at the same time. He totally smashes some of those dudes over the head with a fucking nail hammer for real.

I was really excited about going to see I Saw The Devil, due to the director of Old Boy, and due to all the hype,similar to the existence of this. Unfortunately, all that hype built me up to be let down. I knew what the movie was trying to convey, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it.



I never once felt that the protagonist was close to being as much of a monster as the Oh Dae-Su guy. Sure, what he was doing was fucked up, but he was still more of an avenger.

I saw the devil was a crazy movie. Very well done a must see IMO. I want too check out Old Boy next.


was wondering what to watch next.

these movies are gonna end up making me not watch anymore movies.

not from being too bad, but from being too good

I sorta agree with you, but at the same time, if you’re comparing a rational, logical person’s response to what occurred and the actions taken by the protagonist (particularly at the end), then one can reasonably say that his actions and motives may have started as simple vengeance, but he became something worse. Not as bad as the antagonist of course, but definitely not an eye-for-an-eye avenger.

EDIT: Interesting that Netflix seems to be opening up peoples’ eyes to the beauty of Korean (and foreign) cinema. We do produce more than just metrosexual Kpop idols you know (although not by much)…

I had watched a lot of films, and then I watched Oldboy.

Oldboy tore open a new hole I never knew could exist. The way Oldboy took the virginity of an orifice I couldn’t even imagine before watching it, will likely not be matched by another film I can sit through. Man Bites Dog always trumps this movie for fucked up, but I can’t imagine most people wanting to sit through that movie, as can be seen by it not being as popular as Oldboy. Just reading the plot summary is messed up enough…

However, for those watching I Saw The Devil before Oldboy, I can definitely see why you’d like I Saw The Devil more. It probably did the same thing for you that Oldboy did for me.

Great Movie absolutely loved it. I went ahead and checked out The man from no where, fucking awesome as well. Really good recommendations, I had no idea Korean Cinema was that good.

Personally I thought that Oldboy was boring as hell, except for the hammer fight, but ‘I saw the Devil’ is a much better movie in my opinion. Korean cinema has really stepped up its game.

I liked the movie a lot. Not only does it mess with the minds of the characters, after a while it really starts to get into your head and a lot of fucked up shit happens. Pretty much all people in that movie are insane or become insane after a while. It would be hard for me to tell if I liked it better than Oldboy or the Lady Vengeance and Mister Vengeance movies but it’s definitely worth watching. It’s a very intense piece of motion picture.

Sucked a bit that the DVD version we watched was censored. Almost the whole the end scene was missing so I had to rewatch the scene on the web. Make sure to get an uncensored version.

these moves are only decent tbh, i dont know wher you guys get the diea that these moves are great. man from nowhere was ass, oldboy was decent to good (6 out of 10). still havent watched i saw the devil, but i doubt its better than oldboy.

I still need to see this movie.

these movies are great. there is no question. in fact these movies are so great that they make me not to see any other movies ever again, for fear of them just not affecting me at all.

but this coming from the sadistic masochist… what would you recommend

I thought Oldboy and The Man from Nowhere were equally good. But I Saw the Devil just blows every other horror thriller out of the water. And I HATE horror, especially the Saw movies, Hostile, Jason, Freddy, etc. If Hollywood would turn their typical horror style movies into a hybrid genre like I Saw the Devil, they might come out with some gems and horror movies worth seeing. Not to mention the acting! The acting is so shitty in American horror movies, I just hate watching them.

…except I Saw the Devil isn’t a horror movie?

i think most of the good movies are known already. hence im also interrested in asian movies because ive seen most if not all of the old kung fu movies back when i was a kid. but the more serious movies that never made it to the west, especially the good ones are what im interrested in. im fairly critical about movies so i dont like too many movies. i saw a japanese movie called ichi (not ichi the killer) and thought it was pretty decent as well. its not as tragic as these movies but worth a watch imo.

also problem with most asian movies is that they try to go too deep but get lost doing it, if you understand what im saying (could be hard?). most film makers in asia try to make their movies too sad where it loses its realism or it just becomes too much, but in a bad way. it can be done in a good fashion, just look at an anime like grave of the fireflies. or a movies like the hurricane (back when hollywood used to release good movies every once in a while). since im not really expecting anything from hollywood anymore, im hoping the asian market might bring something good.

It’s a crime, drama, suspense, thriller, action, horror.