I say its very possible to have GGAC at EVO

just have the people that already qualified vote and if the majority of those people choose AC swich it, if they do not, then dont.

but to be honest your just taking your tournament a step backwards by not introducing the newest games to your lineup. maybe your sponsors do not know the difference, and the community you market to will always be the same so this might work for you guys, but you wont see as many “NEW” faces while still only playing the same old games.

america is so fucking backwards. and i do not care if this is not japan. the games were fucking made there we should atleast try and play them like the japanese.

but with this news i have no reason to care about what goes on, on SRK or in the EVOLUTION series cause i play the newest version of the guilty gear franchise. and so do alot of the serious guilty gear players. i belive the majority in the poll voted for AC but ohwell their voices were not heard. i suppose it was a pipe dream to belive there was any democracy here.

The only people importing GG:AC are the same old faces no new faces

Maybe you should care about the arcade scene, the lack of is why we dont have a scene like japan

They said you guys needed to have 90% of the poll in favor of AC currently sitting at about 80% start campaigning for more votes

There has been a lot of talking about bugs in the console version, some which are training mode only bugs while others actually affect gameplay. Players would have to do a lot of testing before commiting to play console AC at a major tournament.
I agree that having the latest version of the game would be the best choice. However, due to the bug issues in the console version and considering we’re through with 2 qualifier tournaments and we’re about 2 months away from Evo World, I’d say just stick with Slash for this year’s tournament.

If AC doesn’t become the officialy GG tourney at this year’s Evo set up a side tournament for it. Problem solved. Either way you get to play Guilty Gear and wont place in either game just like last year.

Then he closed the last thread~

This has happened before at evo, if anyone remembers, and the community was forced to donate consoles and games to run the tourney. Mr Wizard and SRK don’t care about the GG community, and it’s been this way forever. Why do you think we had a laughable GGXX tourney years ago when #R was out for so long beforehand?

edit: it seems ridiculous to pay so much money to go out and fly to evo for the side tournaments as opposed to the actual evo tourney.

Because there was no domestic release of #R it was the first evo GG was at so it was a gamble if the numbers were going to show or not. If Evo West & Finals was AC then everyone will start bitching about the teams that qualified in Slash.

What is so fucking hard to understand?! SLASH was the only game available when qualifiers started! That’s like qualifying in Super Street Fighter 2 and playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in the finals. It’s fucking stupid. I prefer AC over Slash, but you can’t switch games in the middle of a tournament. WTF is wrong with you people?

edit: LOL at new faces! It’s the same fucking people playing Slash that play AC. The real hardcore players will still show if it’s SLASH (and a majority prefer SLASH.) If you don’t like it so much, keep your scrubby “new face” ass at home then.

^ this ends it all, seriously, someone that has some common sense. switching a ver. of the game when 2 qualifiers have already been played and done? absolutely rediculous.

:confused: wtf? Sure doesn’t sound that way :looney:

IIRC they had GGXX one year when only XX was out, then #R came out and they still had XX because of domestic console release issues. First year was like… Daigo v. ID finals, 2nd year was Daigo v. RF or something like that, both XX. Either way, the XX-instead-of-#R dealio wasn’t the first GG event at Evo, it was just the first time they had to figure out what to do with a new GG version at Evo.

This is the most disgusting statement I’ve ever read, the GG community as a whole is pretty grimy though so I should kind of expect it. US is not Japan, and if you can’t understand the core fundamental differences between the two and WHY they will never be the same then you should just stop playing games now.

Majority prefer SLASH for EVO. I could be wrong. There is no officialness to this statement, just the impression I get.

You are wrong.


Its slash and it will stay that way. Fucking deal with it. Why the fuck do you care so much Robot. You are already going to Japan to play AC at SBO.

Why are you trying to start some flame wars… We’ve been pretty democratic about the entire process.
Why are you saying that the majority are “fanboys” and now don’t count? Fuck it, you have a FotNS avatar. Quit it with your dumb labels when its obvious that you are one, too.
There has been very little vocals coming from people who are competing in GG to prefer slash, it mostly has been naysayers voting for Slash because they don’t play the game and want to see it fail.

Check out the first page of the closed thread (the one that was nearly to 80% in favor of AC and rising… new game, new faces… hell, even skisonic said he’d play GG at Evo if it was AC and not the old game…

There will be AC at Evo, side tourney or not. It’s just the boycott of the main tournament that Evo staff wants the entire community to do thats the hard part. It’s hard not to isolate the GG players when evo staff gives us a big middle finger and we do the best we can to save the competition. I remember FFA doing this for 3s in 2k3, and I dont want to be like those douches.

Amazing how some people still care about the rest of the players as opposed to just themselves… wierd, huh. Maybe he should be more like Marn, is that what youre saying Humbag?

I don’t exactly agree with what Robot has said in reference to the Japanese/American scene, but I believe he was refering to new faces at Evo, and not people new to AC.

This hate for GG on SRK must stop if this discussion is to be productive.

i agree. you like how japan does shit, move to japan. simple.

Look at it this way.

Two qualifiers were held for Slash, thus two more will be held for Slash, finishing up at Evo World. For consistency’s sake, it’s best to finish with Slash. Yes, I like AC better, and I have other reasons to go with Slash, but that’s how it is.

Now you can do one of two things really.

  1. Boycot Evo for not running AC, thus decreasing it’s numbers and severely hurt the chance sof GG running being held at Evo next year.

  2. Suck it up, deal with it, run a side tournament for GGAC (that won’t take up 5 of the BYOC televisions), play hotel casuals till dawn, get your money and go home.

Or you can start aiming to create a GG major of your own that doesn’t need to deal with Evo ever year.


I love how every decision we make is because we don’t care about such-and-such community. I appreciate the sentiment, Zandwich. I guarantee you if we put in Accent Core, SOMEONE will come in and complain we swtiched on people who prefer Slash, and we did it because we don’t care about the community.

Accent Core wasn’t out when we started Evo 2007, there is nothing really more to say. We started with Slash. If we switch midway to Accent Core, after two quals, THERE WILL BE ANGRY PEOPLE. If we DON’T switch, THERE WILL BE ANGRY PEOPLE. So it sucks both ways. However, if we don’t switch, we are staying with what was planned all along, what was established already way back in March, and what people already knew was gonna happen beforehand.

Understand, in order to switch to Accent Core, we’d need a universal “OK” from just about everyone. 'Cause if someone qualified on a team with Johnny, for example, and then we switch to Accent Core and suddenly Johnny isn’t as strong as he used to be, don’t you think he’d be mad? If someone was using Potemkin at Evo East and barely missed qualifying and suddenly we switched to Accent Core, don’t you think he’d be mad he couldn’t use the buffed-up Pot from Accent Core at his local qualifier? Maybe he would have qualified if it were changed beforehand.

We’d basically need everyone who’s participated in Evo South and Evo East to come out and say, “We’re okay with changing.” And we’d also need everyone who DOES NOT have access to Japanese PS2’s or Modded PS2’s or Import stores or what-not, who can’t play Accent Core any time soon who plan on playing at Evo Finals or Evo West, to come out and say it’s okay to switch.

I love Guilty Gear and I personally would prefer to switch to Accent Core (even though they nerf my poor Johnny in that game… :frowning: ). I DO care very much about the GG community. But we can’t switch the game unless an overwhleming majority of people are okay with it. I’m talking OVERWHELMING. If you cannot understand that, then I can no longer help you.

If their playing Slash their playing ac, there was no domestic release for slash :looney: