I say we cut VF4 and Add


I say we cut VF4E and Add…

I Don’t know about the rest of you but I really never cared for this game and think we should either add A3 or a snk game- Snk vs capcom or Kof2003… NO Offense to you crazy v4 guys it’s just I think most of us would rather see a different game, I’m only thinking about the majority of people not myself.


Well, the thing to remember is: this is a colaboration between different sites. From what I understand, SRK isn’t really running VF4:Evo, VF.com is. SRK is already running MvC2, CvS2, 3S, and ST, so I doubt they want to add another game at this point.


oooh well Might as well throw that idea into the trash…:confused:


Well, look on the bright side. Even though VF4: Evo has the smallest number of players so far, the average skill level for VF players is VERY high. So it’ll be short, but sweet, and fun to watch.


There are some replay which played by Japanse Players.We can take a look:



Hmmm now the reason why I’m not seeing any major ground combo’s is because it’s easy to counter? right? that last match seemed like just a lot of mixups and counter attacks.


Let’s just say…there aren’t any 10-hit strings in VF. =)


easy to counter?

wow, try playing the game before you make a strong statement like that.

Virtua Fighter needs to be in this tournament. The very first truly revolutionary 3D fighter created, and in my opinion still the best. It is the original innovator, and deserves a spot in the biggest fighting game tournament of the summer.

Why should we have two crossover games, or a KoF game in this tournament instead of virtua fighter? I would like a good reason, seriously, because it doesnt seem like you have a huge knowledge of this game, or at least a big enough knowledge, to warrant a call for a dropping of it.

why should there be more street fighter games?


Answer: This isn’t Tekken.


Tekken is like MvC2… once that shit hits, it’s guaranteed (unless you’re doing setups or are hella suck and are trying to use 10 hits or something)! Now, I don’t play VF at all, so someone correct me if I’m wrong… but it relies a LOT on mind games? The 3S of 3D if you will? Can someone confirm this statement, or tell me a little more about it?



mind games? yeah, you could say that. You need to know pretty much where an opponent will hit. anticipate, and use the proper move accordingly. It IS a lot like third strike in that it takes ages to master it and become good at it. looking at those videos, I can see exactly why they are champions, and the best in the world. determing when to block high and low, or even pulling off a counter (not like in DoA with a single button press. im talking about pulling off a command throw before the punch or kick hits you. like pulling off a parry in third strike, as if it were a normal move). I have always thought of Virtua Fighter as the thinking man’s game.

It makes you earn your supper.

and as such, it deserves to be in this tournament.


switch KOF 2003 For Virtual Fighter? That would be even worse. There won’t be a big turnout for KOF, and by the looks of the sign up page, virtual fighter is looking no different with is wopping 14 people! I mean, Alpha would be the better choice, but having variety in the tourney is even better. You get to see different types of players in terms of 2-D and 3-D platforms.

Maybe this will hype up Virtual fighter and more people will get into it.


True but…

I think kof would have more people enter it… plus I myself would like to see snk vs capcom in evo. Does any websites host snk games by the way but on the other side yes It would get more people into vf series which could be interesting


SNK Vs. Capcom is scheduled for release in July, which means it might not even be a month old before Evo starts. Hell, it might not even be out in the U.S. until AFTER Evo. I wouldn’t assume that a KOF tourney would get a bigger turnout either. Besides, VF4 needs exposure way more than KOF does. It’s been called the deepest fighting game series around, and even though not many people play it, it definitely deserves more appreciation.


Did you guys know

While on the topic of VF4 evo, did you guys know there is a VF4 evo machine with card system 15 mins from cal poly? Its at arcade infinity in city of industry.


add some more

the entire VF Socal group should be attending. We are growing in numbers and in skill… if interested in getting to know how VF is played we frequent the www.virtuafighter.com JAMBOREE messageboard. We usually have gatherings every other week. The more the merrier.