I screwed up my Hori Fighting stick 2

I just recently made a return here after not posting for well over a year. Well recently ( about 6 months ago) I got this stick.


When I got it I always had the idea that I would put sanwa parts on it as it seemed like a pretty easy process since I have made home made stick and done the whole soldering ordeal. Well Anyways to my surprise when I opened the buttons were nothing like sanwas, they were more like the buttons you would find in a regular controller( they have a small semi conductor that makes contact in the PCB as oppsed to microswitches. So I decided to start soldering away the wires to then add the sanwa buttons and then later I would add the stick. ANyways for some reason the PCB got messed up and now I am thinking I should do a PSone controller mod. I love the cse for this stick. It looks slick and its just right for my hands. Is it worth it. :rolleyes:



I believe it may be worth it, and also I got an idea of what you should do for the two front button plugs normally what I do, (and it is what I am currently doing on my current Mod of a SNK vs Capcom stick the Ryu one) any who, I usually get a plug that is smaller than what it should be, if the case is plastic I will get the plug, sand it down so it fits perfectly into the hole, and superglue it, sand it down, and it makes it seem as if the button was never there in the first place. Leaves a nice flush look to it.

I would do the same to the other holes you got there, go get a black hard plastic piece (preferebly something smooth that matches the case texture, but is atleast a 1 mm thick) then cut them down, sand them to proper size, place them on the hole, sand it, and apply a bit of black paint. Sand it, and a few coatings like that. Probably leave it nice and flush.

As for the PCB question, I suggest you go with a normal Dualshock 1 H-series. Easy and quick, and can be used with just about all converters. Also, I’d work on trying to get rid of those L3 and R3 buttons. Kinda seem out of place.

You know I got alot of ideas you could use for that stick there, that would really give it a good personality. If you ever want any more assistance, feel free to PM me or anything of that manner.


i have an HFS2, but it doesn’t look like that one. it had a black top plate that had “Fighting Stick 2” text on it, but the buttons were microswitch based and there were no tabs in the button holes. i modded it with art and Namco buttons.

the PCB was great, too. it worked for most converters i tried it with. i have no idea how to take that stupid stick out though, so i just left it as is.

if you love that case, get a PowerStick 2. it’s pretty much the same case without the L3 and R3 buttons. and it’s cheap($20 or so), so you won’t really have to think twice about modding it.

Hey thanks Ramon!
Definitely! I will need your assitance! Especially on the PCB part…I had a modded dreamcast PCBs before and had never had any problems… Anyways since I am modding everything maybe it was better that it died. The joystick wiring was going to be a pin in the ass. As for the L3 and R# buttons I am not sure what do with them as of now, I thought maybe it would be a great idea to asign them for L1 and L2 since I removed them. I dunno right now cuz sanding smoothly really isn’t my thing…( you should see my wooden Agetc mod:sweat: ). All Ideas are welcome.
thanks Ramon.

You know… I knew I have a mde a serious mistake when I first got this stick and opened it and saw all those cheap imitations inside and rumbling on the joystick really sucked too. If this mod fail I will go for that power stick.
thanks man

how’s it going man?

well not so good, I got the PCB I want and I got my sanwa parts from my supplier but now I don;t have that much time. I need to go by home depot to buy the quick disconnects for the sanwa buttons and man I gotta solder again and that scares me… Like you said I will have to get rid of some of the useless buttons like turbo and all that bunch of crap that I have no idea why hori adds them. Well thanks for you interest man

Just and FYI, Home Depot won’t have .110 disconnects. The ones they’ll have are .187 and .250 probably. .110 disconnects are the ones that fit the buttons perfectly. The place where I got them was vectorsurplus.com. But having said that, it’s probably not necessary to get .110. I know people have used .187 and just crimped it a little for a more snug fit on the microswitches. Best of luck though.


actually, i think you can keep all that turbo crap. and drill on the PCB since apparently your stick doesn’t have soldered microswitches like my HFS2. it’ll probably take a lot more time than just getting a PS1 PCB, but i wouldn’t wanna waste a perfectly good PCB.

I don’t mean to intrude, but I’m curious about this. I’m interested in finding the cheapest option of having a good stick, which would mean buying a cheap case and modding in Happ/Sanwa parts. I tried to search for the PowerStick 2, but all I found was this:


Is this sort of what you’re talking about? If so, is it easy to mod Happ or Sanwa parts into it?

Oh no… No way man! you can’t mod that one, My sister actually game one of those to see what I can do with it but there’s nothing I can do. The buttons are WAy to small to house sanwa buttons and the overall space is way too small. Ussually joysticks that cost less than 40 bucks are total crap and don’t even try to imitate real arcade parts. Continue looking tho.


I see you recommend this a lot. However, where the heck do you buy it from?! It doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere. Trying to look on Google is also useless and gives no results.

i used to see a bunch of these locally, but not anymore. there might be some on HK and japanese online retailers, since this is japanese made. doesn’t gametoon sell it? XD

i can’t read japanese, but this might help
you’ll find the stick in the PS section, named UG-PSXP-101.

It looks almost like the Hori fighting stick 2. If it is like it the problem might be the PCB since the button don’t have microswiches but instead work in the same principle as regular controllers. So you will need to solder the wire and what not…the oystick is very easy to mod tho

the buttons on that powerstick use microswitches and are soldered. you’ll need to enlarge the holes and bend the prongs though, just like a Namco button mod. one problem: the PCB is pretty damn weak. doesn’t work with most converters. :frowning:


Well guys i took advantage of the extra time I had today and i finished it.It looks great and plays like a charm…Too bad I am not too good :wtf:. Sadly I don’t have a digi-cam anymore so there are not pics for today. If I get my hands on one I will surely send you a pic. Thanks everyone for their support. Ramon I will follow your advice as to sand a piece of plastic and super glue it. I am happy so far that it is done and that I can play.:karate: