I searched and searched and nothing

well i got a seimitsu joystick and got it in the SE Fightstick, only problem is …

the harness i had was broke and cut up when i bought it so im wondering WTH do i do with this 5pin connector harness that came with the joystick??

do i just order another harness or what??

help please … :frowning:

a) buy a new harness
b) if there’s enough wire from the 5 pin connector to attach more wire and tape/solder it, you’ll be ok.
c) use the old harness from the stick that was in the SE
d) this: http://www.lizardlick.com/JLF-TE-Harness-for-MadCatz-FightSticks_p_615.html (ok for seimitsu sticks too)

Please use more descriptive thread titles next time.

Well I just went ahead and bought the harness, my friend fucked it all up, but I had a te stick for ps3 so I took the harness from that and it works fine if I put it on dpad setting but if I put it on ls or rs it doesn’t respond at all but now all I need is push buttons and its on, thanks for the reply

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