I see dead people: Hsien-Ko Video Thread



they show that lei lei can hold her own, if i lose its because of my mistakes not because of the character. I am by no means an expert, nor will i do fancy stuff. I stick to the basics for various reasons, one important one among them is so i can build off of them and continue to get better. So dont troll me.
I’m going to record a journal of sort to document the growth i hope to achieve.

Day 1 3-15-11

Day 2 3-16-11

Day 3 4-2-11


Reserved Updated 4-2-11
Hsien ko Teleport cancel


Reserved for future videos




Thanks for doing this. The main thread was starting to look more like a eulogy than a discussion. I’m glad somebody else is still playing her. Here’s a fairly old set of videos. I’m in four matches. I know I sucked it up, dropped a lot of stuff, etc. That was my first day playing with Tron too. My game has changed quite a bit, but it should at least help a little for people to see some matches.



Thank you very much for posting these. Now that we’re over our little spell of despair, I’m sure people like you will spend the time to find her little positive quirks (I’m sure there are some things we’ll even be discovering months form now; she seems deep in an odd way, though she’s always been an oddball). Now time for some studying?


Basic Hyper Armor DHC Setup


One useful way to get Hsien Ko powered up and in the third slot safely while putting your opponent in a nasty situation.


Justin.tv - 2GoodGaming - CSULB 2GG SMACKDOWN 1.2

A really steady flow of hsien ko players for some reason. some better than others but some pretty decent lei lei matches. i only watched part 2, frankly thats all you need to watch.



You missed some great matches if you only watched part 2 (including grand finals combofiend v. airtola).
Here are some highlights courtesy of 2GoodGaming on Justin.tv

Justin.tv - stream0nster - William (HSNK/WESK/RYU) vs. Airtola (HSNK/HULK/TASK) CSULB Smackdown 1.2 (4/9/11)

Justin.tv - stream0nster - LL.ND (AMMY/HSNK/CHRS) vs. Combofiend (CAPT/DEAD/SKRL) CSULB Smackdown 1.2 (4/9/11)

Justin.tv - stream0nster - Hori.AndyOCR (STRM/SENT/HAGG) vs. Airtola (HSNK/HULK/TASK) CSULB Smackdown 1.2 (4/9/11)

Justin.tv - stream0nster - LL.ND (AMMY/HSNK/CHRS) vs. Airtola (HSNK/HULK/TASK) CSULB Smackdown 1.2 (4/9/11)

Justin.tv - stream0nster - Combofiend (CAPT/DEAD/SKRL, SHLK/TASK/SPCR) vs. Airtola (HSNK/HULK/TASK) CSULB Smackdown 1.2 (4/9/11)



Good shit here…more than just the ABCs…


Here. I invested in a video recorder.

One of the issues I’ve been having lately is settling on a third character. I was running Dante for a while, but I hate him, so I’m messing around with other people.





Does anyone have any suggestions for software? And would it be preferential to put several matches in one video, or to list them individually?


“Man, Hsien-Ko is a problem.”

“Dat Hsien-Ko assist.”


Nice matches. I haven’t gotten through them all, but they’re fun to watch.

It stil annoys me though how her entire game always leads to “Activate Armor ??> switch out ??> assist spam ??> Hope you don’t get switched in” and everything else in between is " just don’t die." She dies way too easily on point.

Also, there’s a lack of Gong on these matches when she actually is on point. Why is that?


Uh, there are probably a couple reasons. One is that these are casual, and I’m trying stuff out. I already know how gongs work fairly well, so now I’m looking for things like breaks in guard strings that I can interrupt, how to approach people, force a hit, etc. Also, Dormammu and Deadpool are pretty good at dealing with gongs. At any point in time they can cancel into super so it’s kind of risky.

And yeah, she doesn’t do damage on point. I could hit somebody with like, two or three combos, and they might not die. Then I get hit once and it’s good game. It sucks. It’s not that she’s objectively bad per se, but her assist is really good, so it’s hard to justify not using it. I can keep her alive for a while and heal other people, but rarely does she destroy people. Plus my team is built around Storm using the DHC trick to get her in safely, hopefully killing a character a character, and then getting Storm or whoever back in.


I see. I was actually referring to both your videos and the stream vids, and not criticizing the players (I mean, I can’t blame you and them, dat assist is her best asset). Rather, I was criticizing Capcom’s designs for her.

I feel you; it always feels like you’re walking on eggshells when she’s on point. You can work really hard to set up Gongs, swing in, try to mix them up, etc., but with little effort on the opponent’s part, they can usually get in on you easily and boom, there’s almost half your life gone. That’s why she either needs a buff in a patch or in this newfangled Super MvC3 that all the kids are talking 'bout these days. But I digress.

I applaud your efforts, though. Keep it up!


Anyone watch Monday’s stream? Intehweeds uses H-Ko on point for a while and has some success:

Justin.tv - Option-Select.com’s stream - Option-Select.com’s SSF4 and MvC3 Stream

I will say that he didn’t capitalize on those two stuns he got during the match where he timed out with Storm. I don’t think there was much he could do with the second one,but he reacted too late with the first and ended up attacking Storm while she recovered from the stun and blocked. maybe a plink teleport would’ve helped?


^^it would have helped a lot if you stated where the matches start

so, I’m trying to get through it all but my browser keeps crashing :frowning:

but at least the first set start at 25:38
and in the first match h-ko gets raped, pretty sure he didn’t even get to push a button
the second match he tried to do keep away with jb.h with gongs and projectile assist
which was ok I guess, I personally only really like that strat when I have some what of a life lead and they need to come to me
but he does use her well as an assist(rimoukon’d) even though she had so little life he managed to use her well with mag

I believe the second set starts around 39:25
first match again he tries that keep away game which work a bit better now, he probably wasn’t warmed up earlier or something. However she still died pretty fast
Jill looks so hard to deal with even if it is flash using her 1 combo into one successful reset and we’re dead :frowning:
the second match he finally kills jill first, with air senpu bus confusing him as to where he will land into combos. And he managed to keep her out a lot better with a mix of l.anki hou and m.anki hous it looked hard for jill to gain an inch of ground
trish destroyed his air senpu bu game so easily with her j.h that move is so good

ok I’m off to keep looking to see if he get back on that stream


It starts getting better around 57 mins. Of course, Hsien-Ko is Hsien-Ko, and Taskmaster seems to be doing a lot of the work, but he does pretty well with her.

That segment stops around 1:02. He pops in again near the end, at 1:43, at which point he loses both matches. So yeah.


During the 2nd match around the 1 hour mark, he should have DHC into magneto off of the hyper armor super instead of raw tagging. Other than missing the dizzy on storm he did pretty solid


Hsien Ko match vids from SMOAI’s channel.



And, of course, Hsien-Ko is slaughtered in every match. Second video is better, and the player is trying hard, but it’s more evidence that she’s in need of a buff to her approach and damage.

Fun MODOK stuff though, I guess.