I see footsies...


Well… no I don’t really. This is a bit embarrassing and I feel a bit foolish for having to ask to point out what I imagine might appear to be very obvious to many, but I guess this is what separates my low level skill from those above me.

I basically want to know if I can find examples of footsies in all matches. I’m sure I often miss them, unless pointed out (actually, even when pointed out a la The Footsies Handbook, I have to watch a video several times to pick out the referred to moment). But I’m guessing maybe not, maybe not even in the ‘high level’ (high PP/BP) casuals you might find on YogaFlame’s channel. Sometimes/oftentimes it just looks like a crazy read to me or a gamble that paid off.

What about jumping around cross ups at close range, does that count as footsies? It’s it’s Chaper 9, element 29/30 (http://sonichurricane.com/?p=1231). I can appreciate that it is, but when I see some players jumping around like there’s no tomorrow, I can’t help but feel that isn’t footsies in the purest sense, it’s the player just going ham, hoping for the best and trying to open the opponent up.

When I’ve been looking for footsies, I’ve focused my attention on top level players who I know use footsies, for example Daigo, Momochi, Alex Valle. That way, I can at least narrow my search and concentrate to try and find these ‘moments’.


Start from that, it’s the simplest distillation of what the ground game is about. If you can, download match footage and watch it in slow motion so you can grok what is happening at all. Rewinding and watching a match multiple times is not a shame - it allows you to focus on one aspect of the match, like how and in which spots the players antiair, and the next you could for example draw in your mind spots where some of the characters’ moves hit, and look at where the players decide to stand in relation to those.

Also, with regard to the jumping. Sometimes the simple explanation is the best and sometimes people go ham. It’s still fruitful to pay attention to the jumps - how were they spaced, what could the jump reasonably hit, and so forth. Especially when someone you know is very good does it, because those people have a shitton of ingrained habits for doing things and chances are they’re doing okay-ish stuff even when just going yolo mode. And if the jump turns out to be stupid, well, you just learned what some kind of bad jump looks like.



When I read the topic title I imagined Haley Joel Osment saying it.



At low levels footsies usually involves throwing out your pokes at random times with little to no spacing, but it doesn’t look too different from pro matches, as far as I’ve noticed. The difference is in spacing and timing, and I couldn’t notice it either until I went and looked at frame data and sat in training mode for a couple hours against different character’s “footsie moves”. For instance, if you watch me and Daigo play Ryu, I’ll be throwing out cr.mk and he will too, but the informed observer will see that I’m throwing it out randomly, and with whatever spacing I think is right, while Daigo does it at the exact distance to be safe and beat out opponent’s moves.


Great to see someone got the reference ;). I had in fact forgotten the film I was referencing, thanks for reminding me.

Thanks for all the input guys. I will try harder to see the matrix.