-= I see Latif doing double fierce TK feints so damn fast =-

Is there a technique on how to do this? I literally can’t see how he does 2x tk feints so quickly?

1:16 is where he does those damn double tk feints. I’m reading the inputs but I still have no idea how he does it so smoothly.

Here’s another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdkWTAu8YCA

The super fast double tk feints start at: 0:54.

Does he negative edge the fierce TK? Can anyone show me a tutorial on how to do this? I want to heighten up my game to the limits with c.viper.

Does anyone know???

No one…?

well im new on the forums but i am a relatively high viper player and i can do what you guys are struggling with. the only way to do the tk feints fast is to do them manually. meaning do the full motion, or at least this is how i do it. with practice you can do it as fast as latif and you can do more than two. if you want to do the siesmo feint multiple times fast then this is a different story. what i do is the shoruken shortcut, forward, down, down forward, to do the first siesmo and from that do up forward to do another siesmo. just dont mash it or you might get super or ultra. hope that helps

The motion input buffer is long, use it by inputing the following move while you input the feint.
I’d advise doing clean motions, but you can test the seismo feints with something like :df::df::hp:, :df::hp::mp:, :df::hp:, :hp::mp: