-= I see Latif doing double fierce TK feints so damn fast =-

Is there a technique on how to do this? I literally can’t see how he does 2x tk feints so quickly?


1:16 is where he does those damn double tk feints. I’m reading the inputs but I still have no idea how he does it so smoothly.

Here’s another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdkWTAu8YCA

The super fast double tk feints start at: 0:54

Does he negative edge the fierce TK? Can anyone show me a tutorial on how to do this? I want to heighten up my game to the limits with c.viper.

Holy mother of god.

Lol what’s going on here

So no one knows how to do this other than latif?

Latif can you reply please? LOL.

You ignored this guy’s answer. Just practice it.

There was no such post in my thread lol.
But thanks.

Is there a video tutorial? I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do this shortcut properly. Like timing wise.

You made two threads dude. lol

Oh right, LOL. hehe ty.

I don’t understand what he meant by: “shoruken shortcut, forward, down, down forward, to do the first siesmo and from that do up forward to do another siesmo”

forward, down, down forward, to up forward, then feint it, then from up forward go to down forward to up forward again while riding the gate to do the next feint. sorry if i cant explain it better but its pretty easy.

Thanks, appreciate it, but can you show me like a video? So I can understand the speed at which you’re doing it at?

Well what I mean is how does he do the instant double TK feints? I don’t care about the double seismo feints as much (even though I don’t know how to do either).

Well I know how to do SJC seismos, but I can’t do those double instant feints.

ok i cant show you in a video cause i dont have a camera but honestly you just have to practice. i used to have the same problem as you; i thought there was a secret for tk feints but i asked my friend on psn who was the # 1 viper on regular super and he said just do it manually and sure enough i was able to do it after 5 minutes of practice. its not really hard, but if you ask me this isnt that important to learn its more for showing of in most cases. instead you should learn sjc ultra from normals, meterless fadc to ultra, etc. and then when you are good with the important stuff learn double tk feints and other little things. Again this is my opinion, but if you wanna learn double feints then just go practice. do the motions slow then speed it up. if you can do 1 naked hp tk feint about 100% of the time then you can do two simple as dat.

I already know how to do meterless fadc to ultra, and sjc ultra from normals. I want to learn this, that’s why. It’ll add into the aggressive style of my game.

then i dont know what to tell you. honestly if you can do all that and you execution is good you should have no problem to do it. only other thing i can give as advice is practice, but im sure you already know this considering ive said it many times and its also just common sense.

Fair enough, thanks for your help. Very much appreciated. It would just help if anyone could send me a video tutorial. Words can only give me so much of an image.

video please !! tutorial video !!

I doubt there’s gonna be a video tutorial for this… Since I saw Latif doing it, I started practicing it. It’s kinda hard at first but, just like NUFR3SPECT said, you gotta do it manually. Go into training mode and do cr. lk xx hp TK feints. Then do another hp TK feint immediately after the first one. There’s no shortcut, as far as I know. Just do it.

I’m still practicing it myself and I’m nowhere near consistent with it. I’m dedicated to learning it, though, since it’s sooo flashy :D.

There is a way, because hp feints are so quick, to get another quarter circle back move immediately after an hp feint by only pressing the button needed. I dont know if Latif uses a triple punch button, but if he does, thats an easier way of doing it. Basically the inputs look like this:

:qcb:+:hp:,:3p:,:hp:,:3p: REALLY fast.