"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



If they both had that kind of internet speed with low ping then it should be technically possible o.o


Man American internet is worse than UK internet… apparently Juso randomly plays people outside of Japan for fun…



pulled off the gods garden combo last round lol




hey ggs bro I’ve played your Sakura lots of times on XBL, this is me Psycho btw


If you read my reply on YT, Juso even commented about how surprising it was that our connection was so consistently good, you saw that 8 win streak javed, he would have left if it was constantly laggy, we were hitting 1 frame links and everything back-to-back. Ahhhh Juso <3 anyone who says hes not #2 Sakura is silly. He’s like the perfect Sakura and is just such a great player. I’m glad he’s getting the attention he deserves. He’s really nice too, very welcoming, wants me to come to Japan, now I just need to learn Japanese to discuss match-ups better, last time I asked Juso what to do vs gouken and he said ‘No Jump!!!’ xD sigh… lol


This does allude me too, I also played kake0509 another japanese sakura that is also really clear, but nothing compared to Jusos connection. And its not stupid, jusos my buddy weve been penpals for like a year now, have mad love for the guy. <3 lol


Just wondering, but why were you walking back so much all of a sudden, was it lagging or something?


BTW, a 5v5 tournament is streaming with over 370 players, 10 Sakuras, and most importantly Juso AND Uryo are there right now, link is on srk home page.


ahh Juso told me he lost to maikeru tan :frowning:


Yeah I know, I pointed it out in the comments before you even commented… I remember you said on the tier list thread that you play him often but couldn’t find it to link it to blackvegeta.
He was #2 Sakura in my eyes before but since he’s never been to any worldwide majors and can’t watch Japanese tourneys I’d say Uryo>HumanBomb>Juso.
Sounds like a nice guy man!


Haha awesome!
I’ve had days like this where I’m on a roll, got 2 replays against 4kPP guy using Yun, landed that combo 4/5 times in those 2 matches…
I don’t plink the MK though because I find it difficult :frowning:


yeah he needs to travel. Im sure hed do better than humanbomb…


My favourite Sakura to watch is probably Skatan and Juso’s Sakura, I feel my playstyle is the closest to theirs.


ya lol


i almost never go for it online because of the overhead comes out a lot. I usually do mk,hp, chp,slk version instead


my top 2 would be Uryo and [S]sakura[/S] Juso. just too awesome to watch them


Juso and Uryo for me but my styles definetely more like Juso’s from playing him so much. Juso for EVO 2013! lol


Uryo and Sakura? lol did you mean skatn or someone else?


He probably means Juso…