"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



woops! yup i meant juso hahaha








GGs man!


Yeah I saw Juso long ago and saw that he was so good. He pretty much won a 3v3 tourney for his team by being so godlike. First time I saw trade hp > combo was by Uryo against Poongko, but then I saw Juso trade fp into U1 and I freaked out (that was during that 3v3). I’ve been a Juso fan for a long time but I used to think he played too much zoning; however, I’ve seen that change for the better and he’s a monster more consistently now. I really enjoy his play. Uryo & Juso ftw. Skatan, you’re pretty godlike too :3


Any links to that trade FP > U1? Sounds godlike… surprised I haven’t seen it… then again Juso is one Sak player I’ve barely watched compared to Uryo, HumanBomb, Danhiru.
For the first time I’ve started seeing more Sakura’s recently online!
Ran into 2 beginner Sakura’s this week! Usually never see any…


Uryo is amazing but I prefer to watch the likes of Juso and Skatan over him, Uryo’s just on his own level of mindgames so I don’t feel it’s a good example to learn from but he’s still gdlk. Skatan and Juso are my favourites to watch because they have a really solid neutral game that you can learn from. Danhiru and Humanbomb are worth mentioning too.


Yeah in terms of learning Uryo isn’t that great its more his reads, I appreciate his gamestyle as in he gets people HYPE but in terms of learning stuff I’d say HumanBomb, Danhiru and Skatan are very good!
Juso also makes top reads and has crazy reaction though I prefer Uryo.
HumanBomb’s got sick setups, Danhiru has very precise execution and setups very laid back defensive Sakura compared to the rest which I hate but he taught me a lot in some matchups and Skatan has dat style and awesome new setups!


I feel Uryo makes really good reads and is overall really smart. I dont see him do enough footsies though. I like Juso better because he’s got it all. crazy set ups, reads, footsies, patience.


I told you about Juso man, and you called him turtley :3 lol thats dat spacing haha & he zones more precisely now.


Its too risky but best against characters with 4f cr.lp&cr.lks (even though i dont know who have them) on your wake-up with cr. hp tech or once you make any opp.(not sakura with 3 bars, shotos with 2 bars and ultra, or anyone with super built) start to go for delayed frame traps after youve been doing delayed cr. tech 1st on defense.


Hey Guys! If anyone knows, or knows someone who knows Japanese, ask them to translate this, specifically the last two articles of Uryo’s blog, where he talks about match-ups. I’m curious about this and I hope this strikes someone else’s interest. http://blog.livedoor.jp/uryoryon/


I don’t think it’s too risky. Waking up with st. F is a bad idea unless you’re sure they won’t meaty you, but buffering ultra behind a st. F in wide frame traps is harmless. Ex: jab, jab, walk forward st. F, quarter back lk quarter back all kicks. On block or hit, it cancels into lk tatsu, if they early crouch tech and it trades, then you combo into ultra. That being said, you can also just link a cr. fwd xx dp or even walk forward cr. hp xx whatever on reaction to a trade.


It happens at 1:37


Ha yeah I knew about him but he used to play more turtley. I really like the evolution his playstyle has gone through. He’s much more entertaining to watch now…AND he wins more! :smiley:


lol, he plays soooooo lame, um I mean patient, in that video, I can see why you called him too turtly before.


Yeah, that’s one thing I don’t like about Juso… don’t get me wrong he definitely has his hype moments every now and then and he’s got sick reactions but him and Danhiru are essentially the Guile’s of the top Sakuras, which isn’t bad I guess. Some people prefer that.


Like Alex said though, Juso’s playstyle has changed and he’s leveled up his play. He’s definitely stronger now that he doesn’t lose games trying to zone people as much. Much more entertaining to watch now.


Awesome man! Time to go check out his new playstyle!

NicoNico: NO.

Stupid NicoNico… can’t watch anyone from Japan now -_-


Its really nice to see. There was a time when Sak was considered rushdown only but she is quite versatile. A win is a win.