"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



lol LGI Blubee, this ain’t JabxTekken!


I don’t get it, what’s the point of posting the video? Please enlighten me, I must be missing something, because I don’t see how ‘jab x tekken’ relates to the video you posted.


Some Gannoon (Sakura) Goodness :slight_smile:
Me (Gen) VS Gannoon: http://www.twitch.tv/frametraptv/b/375038868
ThePrince (Akuma) + ME (Gen) VS Gannoon: http://www.twitch.tv/frametraptv/b/375021005

Me (Sakura) VS Pooongko (Seth) : At 00:40 minutes http://www.twitch.tv/battlegroundlive/b/375268486
Gannoon (Sakura) VS Poongko (Seth) : At 00:44 minutes http://www.twitch.tv/battlegroundlive/b/375268486 (same link)
Big Bird (Guy) Vs Gannoon (Sakura) : At 1:02 http://www.twitch.tv/battlegroundlive/b/375268486 (same link)


Mago vs Juso


had to put this lol


God damn how come I never play my offence like that?!

2nd video, 1:33, fake cross up?


ya it is. but wake up ultra beats it so its a gamble


Or anything with start up upper body invincibility for that matter then. Good to know. It’s character specific as well I take it?


works on a lot of characters, too many to name. ryu and ken for example. It makes a lot of reversals whiff except blankas ultra 1 unfortunately.


Yeah it’s probably one of her easiest corner setups. Cr. Lp works too


word word. If I’m not using Gouken tonight, I’ll try this out.


OFC Legend lvl’d up some, ggs bro!


Play from last night. Haven’t invested time into playing her anymore now that I’m playing Gouken.


Good match from Texas Showdown if anyone missed it, shoutouts to Porter(not sure if he posts here, but he played really solid from the matches I saw)


Don’t walk back! do not loose ground! Stand your ground and footsie c.mk wins st.hk, poke on sakura and confirm that c.mk xx shouoken
Another good thing in the mirror MU is we all know a blocked shunpu on wakeup you can do cl.hp xx shunpu and then c.lp and thats about it but that c.lp can be stand thrown (kara throw maybe) wich is very good if they know they can do that string and think that they’re safe.
Too bad none of them knew about all the unblockables or used it, after hp.shouoken in the corner, after throw or after ex.shunpu in the corner (too much unblocks LOL)


is that freesalt?


I’m pretty sure ChrisG at least knows the setups, but I’ve rarely if ever seen him use them, it appears he prefers the fireball trap to not risk giving up the corner unless he’s going for crossup empty jump cr.lk.


ya i know I talked to him while i was at RFD and told him some stuff he dosent know.
but yes he perfers the keep them in the corner game and just go basic rushdown.


how to play against zangief…

It’s sick how he shuts him down completely


I posted some vids of mine in the critique thread, not sure if I should post them here instead or is the critique thread fine?