"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



I can confirm it is Porter (freesalt)


Sakura Playlist


not really a critique per se but just noticing differences between my sakura and yours. You go for a lot of resets, which seem to be paying off lol. You also hit your links much better than I do. Well at least from these matches anyways. I really liked the neutral jump tatsu into ultra. There also seems to be a bit of a transition from your matches where you jump a lot to where you’re jumping much less…I’m curious how much time is spanning between these videos?

I should make a playlist of all my bad matches at some point. Still straddling the mid 2k pp. :-/


he should have beaten chris g , but chris g factor always wins out


Finally got that hp shouken fadc more consistent :smiley:


Damn, how long did it take you until you started feeling confortable with combos and with the general playstile of Sakura?
You did a damn good match there :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: What’s up with Adon’s commands there, that’s the biggest waterfall of lk I’ve ever seen


That match was incredibly informative to me, thanks. I hate dealing with adon’s jaguar kick. cr.fierce his jaguar tooth…godlike sir…will be putting that to good use :wink:


I dont know how long it took to get used to it, but been playing for about a year now, and I still practice my combos (and other stuff) every single day. Reason being that whenever I don’t, my execution becomes terrible.

oh btw, i realized after uploading, that the guy was using turbo, thats why his inputs are so weird.


one of my punishes for vega escape. Just got back from japan and i got a game off akimo :P.


Match between my friends



It’s interesting to see uryo plink with hp and lp. I guess it’s because when he messes up the plink he can still link into a combo.


http://youtu.be/1hXoaNabD-4 never posted here before. Seems logical to do so.



Thanks man I am back in the mix


Mirrors from a local meet




Some really good uryo matches

the sakura matches start at 4:20

edit: original vid got deleted



TFC SF4 grand finals