"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



Finally watched it, amazing set by chris g, he was pretty much toying with justin in the end. What surprises me though is how little people seem to know about sakura. She’s been a more popular character for at least a year now probably longer and people still don’t know how to block fake cross ups?


Capcom Cup at TGS


As someone that plays Sakura, I must ask. How do I block fake crossups and recognize them when someone does to me?


Learn the setups, that’s all you have to do, then once you recognize someone doing a certain setup, you predict which way you have to block.In Justin’s case all he had to do was hold back, but since he didn’t do the research he just assumed it to be an unblockable and got punished or hit almost every single time.


Juso vs Haitani!!


So you were typing about people not knowing how to block fake crossups and then you’re talking about predicting? I think one of us is not understanding something when it comes to setups


Read more carefully… justin wong got hit by the exact same setup every single time, which was a fake cross up, not once did he get hit by a cross up, so that means all he had to do was block backwards every single time because it wasn’t even a 50/50. If he would’ve known it was a fake cross up and not an ‘unblockable’ he would’ve known how to block it, but he didnt.



He could always done a j.mk instead tho, which would crossup. It’s a gamble and he just didnt guess right


I keep seeing juso ( or any other players ) doin lp/ lk. is there any reason to do that? or is that just for baiting something?


Me vs xian losers finals 2 weeks ago… enjoy :slight_smile:


Very nice, well played


Just something I put together about how I deal with the Balrog match

edit: sorry for the random black screen half way through, don’t know what happened. It comes back


They assume it will be blocked, so they do a light jump in for minimal block stun so they can immediately throw them.

I didn’t realize you played Sakura as well! I love your play style, amazing sakura!


Very nice, I remember you posting about the super meter range before and been trying to implement it in my game, but never thought of just pressing nothing.


Godlike Uryo matches

also 0:43 in the second video seems like a good setup for when someone doesn’t quick rise in the corner




Some fireball stuff I was working on.


Great video, this is gonna make me look at my fireball game in an entirely new way.

In the neutral position (like 1:08 in the video), if the opponent jumps over the fireball and Sakura’s dp trades; the damage is usually in the opponents favor sadly.


Thanks man. That is true with the damage but the knockdown, position, and corner pressure can be worth it sometimes! :smiley: