"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



Mirrors of my friends from the last v2012 session here the other weekend. Using spoiler tags to load faster








Some from the same session







My Rose/Chun vs friends’ Sakuras

Some more here



Before anyone said anything…yes the video quality is ass,but that’s the life of a burger flipping college student. :frowning:

Any tips or pointers?



You got to press your advantage (j. hp and other strong jumpins, good damage combos, and so on) against Chun, especially when she doesn’t have the meter for reversal and/or if she isn’t anti-airing you very well. Try to stay close. Her fireballs are not very good, but neither are yours. If she had U1 or W in Ultra, she would have beaten you badly for those.

I posted some Chun vs Sakura sets of my own earlier in the thread. I hope you can find them useful.

I’ll try watching the other vids later.


Someone upload some Hugo killing videos. I’m still having issues against him, even though I’m trying to keep him away with fireballs and standing hard kicks. Pretty please?


I don’t have any videos but the match is in sakura’s favor by far. You should zone him in the beginning of the match with fireballs and dp anti airs, as well as keeping him out with far st. Hk. Once he has meter you have to be careful since he can use his running armored grab to get in.

Once he has a bar, I go for a safe jump using j. Hp and rack in a strong combo if it hits otherwise I do j. Hp, St. Hp xx lk tatsu, then neutral jump to bait a command grab and punish. Never try to cross him up as a safe jump since he can ex backbreaker through it.

If you get knocked down, don’t dwu since Hugo can option select his clap with a command grab to cover both wakeup options. Block the clap (or meaty) then backdash out and start zoning him again. You have to read what he’s going to do to you on wakeup since he can still grab you.


Casuals of my friends… mix of v2012 and USF4 since some are stuff I forgot to up til now


Sakura vs Cammy


Sakura vs Rolento

Sakura vs Ryu


Oops, forgot to include this (Myers vs Kazunoko from Evo)


Y0u might get a kick out of this. Unexpected shououkens all over teh place.

Some sets that I played as Sakura. I also play a horrid fei-long and Sagat, and sometimes Gen, if I really want to lose. ><



Sakura vs E. Ryu set of my friend








my friend vs me (Chun)



So vs blanka. Im a little confused from what my asswoopings have shown me its best to hp shoryu punish a regular blanka ball but some times he ends up really far and the shoryu wiffs and i wat shit for it. For rainbow balls is sakuras best option to focus forward dash punish? I have tried to AA it but it trades when i time it correctly all other times i just eat the ball. I think by far this is the match that mind fucks me the most because on paper its so simple but i keep losing to the scrubiest blankas because shits feels a but random. As for abel, his stupid overhead wheel kick can you punish with anything other than cr.mk shoryu? Can you punish if he spaced far away?


The punish on blanka ball depends on which ball he uses, the spacing and if you’re in the corner or not. Usually only hard blanka ball can be punished with reveral hp shouoken, you have to punish medium ball with dash lp shouken, if he’s a good blanka lp ball can be made safe so unpunishable. In the corner its much easier to punish since the push back is not too far. You can beat rainbow ball with cr.hp just have to time it right, or I guess you can focus it. Make sure you learn the distance of his normals, balls, slide etc. and always be on point with your punishes. I’d advice you to just go into training mode and mess around with the distances, and practice how to punish his moves.

Also the most reliable punish against abel’s wheel kick seems to be cr.mk into shouken, however if you can anticipate when he’s going to throw it out you can just throw ultra 1 on reaction.


See the thing with abel is i react to his wheel kick way too fast so the cr.hp always gets beat. I didnt know you could u1 it thats pretty nasty


Some more USF4 Sakura from my friend








Random ish with the same.


Sak’s new outfit in all 22 colors (numbered):