"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread




FT5 - Myers (Sakura) vs LTG (Rolento, Rose)


Lol, Pappa Valle settling feuds. Good set, nice post.


Tio Valle. :} - .

I play Sakura, sometimes.


Need to work on your execution a bit. Once you start hitting combos consistently you’ll see your win rate go way up.


Some matches I played vs this A ranked ken player


Nice ones, some sweet baits to close a couple out. Ken needs to work on his fadc combos, missed 3-4 that would of won or turned the round in his favor, not that I wanted that :slight_smile:


Thanks, it still amazes me at how far that ultra 2 can reach me.


Lol, yeah he landed it a couple times, god knows I’ve been blown away by its range before.

Don’t have much in the way of replays saved, did have a couple comebacks (my favorite). Hate that you can’t upload from your saved list only battle log. Quality isn’t best had to re-record them…


they’re both set to private lol


Ooops fixed…


Hey guys, I’ve been making a few videos regarding what combos do and don’t work on specific characters, as well as some various matchup tips here and there if anyone is interested: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlJ7zgDywLTmQDuRyqBxP0WiWmex1uyjY

There’ll be a few things, especially for the newer characters, that I leave out because other guys like Ambassador Foxx have already covered them. Hoping to crank out one every week or so.




Good stuff, definitely will watch them, hope you stick with it and get through the whole cast. I whipped out my notebook and jotted some stuff down…


Very nice, the match up tips are very useful and informative


Thanks guys, I am hoping to stick it out for every matchup, though I may combine ones for like Ken/Ryu, Yun/Yang, etc.

I did get to play a really solid local play who split time with with Rolento and Hugo and got to test this stuff in real matches, and happily it mostly all worked as expected.

I had only practiced the autocorrect l.shou in one direction vs. Rolento’s wall escape so I didn’t land that, and I wasn’t aware he could use ex roll to beat some meaty pressure so that wasn’t covered at all; but he did cringe really hard when I was hitting far s.hp links, lol.


Streamed a long set vs. Poison tonight if anyone is bored and wants to check through any of it. I was mostly trying to confirm some ideas I had about the match (which ended up getting totally busted, lol)…he also has this really nasty crossup EX Love Me Tender setup that sucks to get out of, if anyone wants to brainstorm ideas there. I gotta crash for tonight but wanted to test mashing cl.hp after the cl.hp since I’m pretty sure that can’t be a true blockstring.


Human Bomb at Saigon Cup


Nice was watching it for a bit good stuff


Good to see Humanbomb still doing his thing.

Here’s a highly enjoyable match VS Xiao Hai: