"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



Newest Combo Compendium:


J. Lp beating those anti airs :-p who woulda thunk


I got the idea from the Sim matchup where that one knee move of his smashed everything but j.lp lol


Another WNF Grudge match o:)

FT3 - Romance (Sakura) vs Bushinstyle aka Constanza aka Anime Dad (Guy)



Dakou has such a unique Sakura, he play so differently from other Sakura players.


jfc yes he does lol, like watching that even the things he does that I think are a really good idea are still really wonky and I can’t imagine me working it into my gameplan is it’s buttons I would almost never press in the same situations


Just something to add to the poison matchup: if you block her mk.dp (her best meterless dp and the version poison players will most probably use as meterless reversal) you get a free jump forward hp/hk, hits pretty much as deep as possible so you can do whatever combo you want (e.g. cl.mk x2, cl.hp, far.hp tatsu loop).


Also messing around in training vs Hugo: fwd.throw in the corner > whiff cr.mp > jump forward hp is a fake crossup (hits in front).
If he does ex.backbreaker he will fly across the screen but not hit sakura, you can punish it on reaction with ex.otoshi.


Awesome tips, thanks. One thing I didn’t realize until after I made the Decapre video is that at most ranges if she backs off to do U1 in neutral you can input EX.Otoshi during the flash and get in over the fireball if not outright punish it.


#5 - Elena


#6 - El Fuerte


Ok I found an interesting setup vs Rose thanks to Danhiru’s stream: Ex.tatsu (corner) > dash fwd > fireball > immediate j.hp/j.mk (j.hp hits in front, j.mk hits behind). If they don’t quickrise you can immediately whiff cl.mp and then j.mk which is unblockable.

I think this setups has some potential vs other characters too, vs Fei Long you can do the same but if he doesn’t quickrise you only get another 50/50 j.hp/j.mk. Haven’t tried it vs many characters (Ryu, Cammy, Rufus only) vs Cammy and Rufus you can get the first 50/50 but nothing after if they don’t quickrise it seems and vs Ryu you get nothing.

Btw this setup is very tricky to pull off vs Rose, to me it’s possibly too inconsistent to even try, the timing seems extremely strict . I think it has something to do with how the fireball juggles her, or maybe sometimes I get a slight walk forward during my fireball motion? It definitely works but it takes me a lot of tries to get it to work each time, however I think vs some characters a similar setup could be a lot more consistent, the one vs Fei seemed fairly consistent to me.

Anyway it needs some more looking at, could be a new replacement for some old ex.tatsu setups that were rendered inconsistent by DWU.

Edit: Fei Long setup is actually really easy to do, also works on Yun/Yang, might get around to testing on other chars but kinda burnt out on sf4 right now.


What’s danhiru’s stream called?


He streams on niconico at http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co2046259 which is also Fukuoka Gamer Club’s community channel. I hope that link gets you somewhere lol i’m not great with using nico, the whole site and streaming setup seems really counter intuitive to me compared to Twitch.


oh wow it does look a bit different, but I’ll figure it out somehow


Thought i would post these up here:

Best way to use Sakuras EX Shouken against Hadoukens:

Nice use of Sakuras HK Otoshi:

Sakuras Kara Throw:

Sakura - Crossup MK Tatsu from Back Throw:

Sakura - A Couple of New Safe Jumps:



Some nice stuff there bro, especially like the safejump after DWU sweep, pretty sure you can end an ex.tatsu combo in sweep then dash forward to apply pressure or react to DWU and go for the safejump, just another option after ex.tatsu. Mk.tatsu crossup is nice but it’s really hard to react to the DWU message here (maybe my reactions are just bad though).


Saw this on reddit.

Setup @ 1:20, looks like you whiff the cl.hk and if you see the DWU message then dash, lk.tatsu and if they don’t DWU then you just get basic corner pressure.

So ex.tatsu (corner) > otoshi x2 (whiff 3rd) > backdash > fwd.dash > cl.hk (react to DWU) > fwd.dash > lk.tatsu

It crosses up and avoids reversals on: Ryu, Evil Ryu and Ken.

It also avoids reversals vs some other chars like Ibuki and Blanka (haven’t tested everyone) but probably not worth going for vs them.


Thanks glad you liked the vids. :smiley:

It’s not too bad because the dwu message appears near the end of the dash so got a bit of time to react i feel. Best way to truly know if you can react or not would be to put the dummy on random wakeup and see if you can react to it.

Got another vid up been meaning to upload this one a couple weeks ago but never got around to testing on the whole cast till now.

Crossup EX Tatsu: