"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread




A-LX I borrowed your combo, thanks for that. A lot of really useful stuff in this one imo, I am proud of some of it. Also that intro combo was hard as fuck and took me like an hour to record, lol


Good stuff again bro these vids are really helpful and I hope you can keep making them, especially liking that last setup.


Spoilers since I won’t get to do that video for a bit, but the same setup with a slightly different j.hk timing also destroys absolutely all of Deejay’s options as well


Good stuff as always, I tend to use cr.mk against balrog’s specials myself, but st.hp seems to work even better!


Re: S.HP vs. CR.MK/CR.MP, I had been using those previously but it seemed like dash straight and turnaround punch had hurtboxes in spots that made them beat or trade with CR.MK more than my liking. I had also realized that even though they’re faster, I still just wasn’t fast enough to use them purely on reaction against his specials (totally unrelated tangent: my phone keeps autocorrecting ‘specials’ to ‘shitballs’, wtf). Since I realized I was going to be preemptively fishing by throwing out the poke buffered into a special anyways, I may as well go with one that can combo to ex.tatsu.

CH S.HP xx Ex.Tatsu > U1 does like 550 I believe, between that and the 300 you get just for going straight to h.shou I noticed that our local Balrog almost immediately changed his entire gameplan to specifically avoid getting counterhit by S.HP, which gave me a lot more freedom to walk up and chip away with overheads and throws.

It definitely leaves you open for whiff punishes if you make a bad read, but I tend to play pretty aggressively anyways and I think the reward is pretty hefty for the risk.


Yeah you’re right, if they’re good enough they’re gonna whiff punish the cr.mk anyway, so might as well go for the one that does more damage.


The problem I ran into with cr.mp was that it actually recovers too quickly lol, they couldn’t whiff punish it but I kept getting shou coming out on whiff because of fast recovery + negative edge


Callisto, these videos are amazing! Especially the char specific loops.


USF4 - The Ultimate Sakura Combo Guide:

USF4 - Various Sakura Resets:


Sets of my friend from the other month, forgot to post.

Vs Ibuki FT7 (1:55:00)

Vs Evil Ryu FT7 (3:19:00)

Sry about the bored/nervous sounding commentary, very first time at the helm :blush:


Shano I just watched that combo video, please have my children!

Better char specific combos are exactly what I need right now.


Shano what all were you planning to do for videos? I don’t want to make stuff that will overlap too much with what other people are doing outside of the Combo Compendium series. I was think of doing a straightforward beginners’ tutorial for Ultra Sak since I’m not really aware of anything at that level atm, we’re pretty much all making intermediate to advanced stuff right now.


Just stuff like frame traps, safe jumps, option selects etc…
What type of beginners guide are you planning to do Callisto? and yeah you are right too much intermediate/advanced content out not enough fundamental vids. I however just went over general Anti Airs & Pokes though.

Two new vids up.

Anti Airs & Footsies:

Frame Traps:


I will be revising my beginner guide and incorporating your guys’ videos as well. I want to structure it like the iplaywinner guide http://iplaywinner.com/Sakura-SSF4 where I incorporate pictures of everything and have brief descriptions under.

I think the information will be more efficiently expressed that way and newcomers will be able to retain the information. I want to cover: general char info, normals, specials, ultras, hitconfirms and combos, frame traps, safe jumps, general gameplan/footsies, and possibly tips.


The two new vids are great Shano!

I was thinking about basically doing a ground up thing that shows each normal and when to use them, movement options, how to input basic combos, and a few minor things like ultra choice, meter management, and decision-making between long or short combos.


random casuals/exhibs


#9 - Yun

Thing I Should Have Included But Missed

If you do the deep CL.HP CR.LP CR.HP combo, you can’t end the combo with L.Shou off of the CR.MK for the max Ultra damage. L.Shou will whiff, so you have to use H.Shou if you want the Ultra.

This is the only meaty tatsu into CR.MK combo where I could find this happening.


1 hr of Cody vs Sakura (session of my friends). Sry bout quality.





Sakura vs Ken (same players from above)