"I seek opponents stronger than myself." The Sakura AE/2012 Video Match-up Thread



More Sakura vs Cody, from the same players







Video I made to show some new stuff post U2. Not all practical but there is some new things in here I’ve never known about.


Some nice stuff in that video - can you explain why the jab when the opponent lands forces them to block a fireball low? I could make a guess but I’m not certain.


I think its just because without the jab the active frames just die before they wake up. This just delays it to stay out at the right time to collide with them block and since blocking makes your character bigger it will work


I mostly lurk, but that video was great @Leggo . Not sure how often I’ll use the 4 bar setups, but I’ll definitely try to use a few of these things here today at my (tiny) locals.


Thanks man. For sure. Hopefully some of that stuff could lead to more useful stuff as well… Like, I had no idea you could juggle HP DP after an EX fireball


I had no idea you could get an M.Shou juggle after EX.J.Tatsu myself, lol


You can actually get it off any air tatsu. Very useful when jumping in since it can set up safe jump if it hits.


OMG if this is true, the countless wasted opportunities…


Don’t feel too bad; it’s actually pretty hard to do on reaction to a hit if you don’t know for sure the Tatsu will hit since you have to input the dp right as you land. It’s really great if you hop a fireball and know you’ll hit though, you can just dial it out.


Its actually not too hard to react as long as the air tatsu is lower. I never really have issues with it but if you hit them too high up it can become impossible. Every time I air tatsu I normally buffer DP or U2 while I am airborne then hit confirm. Otherwise you just go on with your blocked air tatsu. People normally seem to have troubles teching after blocked air tatsu since the block stun seems good and it can vary based on height like a divekick so its a pretty good place to mix stuff up


I’ve been eating way too many fireballs to the face lately, I really think a lot of characters with decent fireball games do well against Sakura, she has to be very honest against characters like Ryu and Sagat at least until you get in but for a ‘rushdown’ type character she has very limited tools to deal with zoning still. I wish her dash was a little better, it looks like it should travel further than it does lol maybe they could have made it 1f faster or something :confused:

I never thought these type of matches were that hard because once you got in (with broken j.hp Kappa) you could run retarded setups for days lol but when someone DWU’s and you guess wrong and they get out, man, it really hits home to me how tough she has it compared to some other chars cough Yun cough, honestly sometimes it feels like im playing Gief lol. Also makes me wish capcom would fix ex.sho, if it fully connected all the time it would be a much bigger threat to people who throw fireballs at that range daring you to jump/hit a button, against some characters like Seth it actually seems kinda reliable to ex.sho through his booms because it’ll ususally fully connect even if you only get 1 hit of the first rep but it’s pointless vs Shotos because of their hurtboxes on Hados, unless you have 3 meter to FADC the first hit.

Yeah you can kinda play the fireball war with some chars and build meter and be patient but her fireball is so trash, no variable speed AND horrific recovery, sometimes I think Sakura was supposed to be Dan tier but accidentally got good lol. IDK maybe to me Sak is more boring to play now that you have to be super patient and make good reads to get in, often with inferior tools/footsies and I never really had fun playing as Gief because of that reason. /salty scrublike fireball rant


I had a lot of trouble with the Ryu fireball buffs at first but I got used to using EX fireball and reaction Ultra 2s to move through them.

I totally agree with you on the changes in how you have to play, her but I actually really like it. I feel like I’ve gotten way better at the game in general because it forced me to; having to wait for my chance then execute some ridiculous combo in that one chance.


Quick midscreen setup vs. Balrog, takes horizontal charge, defends against EX or H Headbutts, and stuffs or trades against L/M pending if they did delayed wakeup or not.


Sakura vs Viper/Ibuki set from my friends. Sorry bout the quality


More of the same


Yo 4neqs. I really appreciate the Sakura match uploads you posted here. Thanks yo, they are really helpful :slight_smile:


Seems your viper friend over the past few months has adapted well to your sakura friend. First several videos I watched months ago sakura was dominating, now seems viper has taken the upper hand. Both play well.


Recent Alex Myers


Oslo FGC had Levelup-sessions this sunday, and I got my hands on some match footage of my week 1 Sakura getting wrecked by Veggey. I’d appreciate it if someone would give it a watch (starts around 0:16:00) and see if there’s anything to keep in mind. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my ground game and overall (bad) habits already, but more criticism can never hurt. Sadly most of my games weren’t on stream, but oh well.

If this is the wrong thread for this, feel free to move the post.