I seem to have broken my fightstick

I have a MadCatz TE fightstick, and recently took it apart, and replaced the buttons, and ball top. However, after doing so, down-back and down-forward are no longer recognized. Did I move something out of place, or did I mess up the wiring some how? And is there a way to fix it?

Check that you plugged the 5-pin adapter back into the stick in the correct orientation. It’s probably upside down.

Im pretty sure its in the correct way. There was glue on the top facing me, so thats how I put it back in.

Wiggle it more.

The Madcatz connector is crap, I’m surprised MarkMan hasn’t pushed for a more accurate connector.

If its still not working, would I have to replace it with something like this?

Or would I replace the body itself, with this?

The Focus Attack harness is not what you need, that would be used in a custom mod job because I believe it only has one connector and bare wires on the other end. Go to http://www.gdlk.co and look for the “JLF-TE Cable”. Unfortunatly I’m not sure how you would go about troubleshooting this without actually swapping parts. The JLF harness would be the cheapest part to check first though, and it’s a good thing to have anyway because the MadCatz harness is crap.

so does down even work?
test out all directions fully and see which ones work and don’t