I seriously need help with FOCUS!


I’m not a scrub or anything I’m a decent player that’s been playing SF for YEARS now . Never been to competitive with it till now . I am a good player and can win A LOT MORE but my biggest problem is staying focus during a match . I tend to play foolishly sometimes in the middle of a match throwing out random attacks or just doing what I KNOW I’m not suppose to . Any tips on staying focus ? Any information on keeping focus helps .


I have the same problem. For some reason, When I’m all tense, I can’t perform specials and ultras, and at several points actually forgot the ultra commands(Its against my code to go into the command list, and its impossible with no pausing on xbox live.) The easiest way for me is take deep breaths, and try to calm yourself down, before and during the match. You’d be surprised how easier it is to pull off combos, cancel and the like when your calm and collected.


Yeah same here . I also take deep breaths and gather my thoughts of what are my options and moves that I’m not using that I need to be using to win . Thanks .


Depending on the size of your television, you might have a better time sitting close to the TV. In fact, sometimes I sit so close to my widescreen, that I literally cant help but focus on 1 character, and sometimes I have to sit farther back to see the whole screen well. Also, put a fan on if its hot, drink something cool and refreshing, and take off any background distractions (music, computer apps flashing etc).

Sometimes when i mess up a few times, I have to snap myself back into it and refocus myself.

Also, though might not affect you, but if you have a microphone, keep it on and chat with people, even if they dont have a microphone and talk back. Most of the time, while im fighting, im doing some non-annoying commentary to hype myself up and at the same time distract the other player. It keeps me on my toes, but thats just my simple method of staying tuned into winning and execution, and not just fooling around.


yall need some weed :smokin:

for real though it’s just a psychological thing, it’s something you gotta get used to. I used to be unable to play well when people fought me up close, now I freak other people out.

easy way to beat this is to change your focus. some people go in feeling like they don’t want to lose, so when they get hit, they lose their mind and that makes it even easier for them to lose. try thinking like the most fierce psychopath possible; DARE him to come closer. if he’s on the other side spamming shit to get away, run up and fuck him up so bad his mother won’t recognize him when you’re done. this’ll put your focus on hitting them and you’ll even be able to see some risky but possible opportunities to counter since you’re not focused on protecting yourself.


Don’t play when you’re tired, that’s my tip. Sometimes if I don’t feel like sleeping and end up pulling an all nighter, then attempts to play online the morning after, I would just let others jump in on me and make the worst decisions.
But then again this really depends on your personality too, if you’re a chilled guy you would stay chill during a game, but then some people just get tense and mess up.
It’s also bad to get too comfortable, especially if you are already sleepy =P


I have a medievil folk dance that works wonders got keep the handy wipes near by though as it gets messy.


Thanks I’ll try all . I do tend to pull all nighters too . I sometimes won’t sleep till I win and happy with the match and win .


Hello Jceezy

Best thing is to ride it out till the end of the match then after you are done, go outside for some fresh air, relax your mind & body breathe in & out deep. Close your eyes and try and hear a peacefull sound like birds chirping or something. Then go back inside nice and relaxed and you won’t stress for the next game.



Yeah I tend to do that to or go to the bathroom throw some water on my face and chillax .


When shit gets heavy I take a break. Another thing i found that works well is a decent playlist of music.


two words, ganer grub. lol!