"I shall grind beneath my heel all that exists." BECOMING ONI



Hey everyone,

I am new to shoryuken and this is my first discussion. I have looked at the various character specific sub-forums and I feel like all the other characters have in-depth analysis of strategy. I see the various post here on the Oni forum, but nothing as in-depth compared to the other characters (maybe I am just not looking hard enough).

Basically I am huge Oni fan and I am just inspired when I watch Wao, Infiltration, and Overmostheads. I know it will almost be impossible to be as good as them, but basically what tips could help all of us Oni players.

Maybe this could become a sort of step-by-step to BECOMING ONI. I have seen on various post that Oni is basically a mix between Gouken and Akuma, and as Oni has no challenge mode would it make sense to master this mode and play of these two characters?

I have also seen the various videos (book of oni, etc…), and I love them. Maybe this discussion could become something where we all get better by sharing all the knowledge. Pehaps we could make this a source for all the important aspects of BECOMING ONI such as strategy, play, how to train, etc…



Yea OK sure. I’m there dude. I’ve been playing since SF4 came out. Started /w Dhalsim and Zangief. Mained Honda for a while and switched to Vega about 3 years ago. I picked up Juri to get away from charge characters and to have fun with her Feng shui engine. Never really played a shoto seriously but I really like some of Oni’s shenanigans. Just picked him up about a week and a half ago.

I’m practicing his B&Bs but like I said I’m not used to shoto’s and getting in that close. Supposedly he has great hit confirms which I believe but right now I have a 1500BP Oni and I haven’t hit confirmed one combo. I haven’t even combo’d into any of his l.slashes as they always wiff. It seems like you have to be right fucking on top of the person for it to connect which with having mained chars like Vega I have to get used to. I win mostly by footsies, pattern watching and character knowledge which feels dirty. I wanna get in that ass and bully the other player.

The way I get decent at a character is training mode though. Practice BnB with dummy set to random block for like 30 minutes a day, and then set a goal of landing that BnB online no matter what to see how it feels and where and when I can land it(like I said I’m still working on this), then go into training mode for another 30-60 minutes with the CPU full blast and see if I can get make the CPU paranoid. Seriously if your really beating the CPU’s ass it starts doing the truffle shuffle to move around and do things that humans couldn’t possibly do.

One thing I have noticed is Oni is weak mid to close range. He gets beat out at certain ranges where most moves wiff or have a long startup. The other thing I’m struggling with is comboing off of crouching players.

Strategy wise I think you have to play how you like to play. Oni seems to have two modes of operation. Long distance game /w three diff fireball startups and his superfast f.HP or antipoke standing HK. Or his RAPE mode where he’s all over your ass, keeping you in lock down with target combos, fadc from fireball/slash, anti throw/anti button mashing stomp, standing crossups.

Any advise on transitioning from non shoto’s to a shoto or what to do about hit confirms ranges / crouching combos would be appriciated or other any other practice/training strategies.


I know how you feel. Since the game came out I was always with Akuma, but I quickly learned how low his health was and I adopted a defensive play. Basically keeping people out with the teleport and air fireballs. I am with you I want to get on Oni’s RAPE mode of play as you call it (love the description you gave it). But I am use to a defensive setup of play and I am also trying to learn the hit confirms in an actual match.

One thing though about the slashes is I am been able to throw them when blocking an attack. Normally since I am already holding back I throw target combo 2 and then the slash since the movement feels natural at this point. Also on crouching opponents throwing a crouch HP forces the opponent to stand.

Sorry I haven’t really played any non shotos though so I really don’t have any advice on transitioning. The only non shoto I have used is sagat but even then his moves are similar sorta, but I felt he was too slow for my taste.

I actually think Oni is at his strongest when in his RAPE mode. I think his offensive moves out do his defensive moves, so I think unless I can get use to changing my style I wouldn’t be able to get his full force. Thats what I am trying to learn.