"I shall grind beneath my heel, all that exists!" Oni Combos Thread



Combos galore!

New Oni Starting Today

A few BNBs:

cr.short > st.jab > target combo > rh.tatsu

With 2 meter cr.short > st.jab > target combo > fireball > fadc > cr.strong > target combo > rh.tatsu (this is almost full stun)

Full meter w/ultra you can do fun stuff that just looks flashy like j.fp > cr.strong > target combo > fireball > fadc > (cr.strong > target combo > fireball > fadc)x2 > ultra 1 or 2 full animation


Jesus…how much stun does the fireball and tatsu do??? O_O


I suspected Oni would be doing lots of stun, and whilst this is in no way confirmed it would make sense, to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have very reliable ways of opening you up and a non-traditional zoning game.

Kind of like how Gouken can do revolting damage to make up for the fact that he doesn’t have any good confirms.

If the bnb’s you’re posting are legit, I’m really surprised that the target combo can land after a jab and a short.


It works, cr.strong is a better starter, because short > jab will cause a lot of dr compared to a single cr.strong. Also target combo is just about the same speed as jab.

::Someone called in sick to work this week so I havent had a chance to go to the arcade, so hopefully monday night i can go and try some things im thinking of, mostly kara throw setups and combo potential of different normals, like f+forward, f+strong, and cl.rh


i want to use him more but DAMN everyone is playing cuthroat @ AE…hard to learn stuff…
anyhow his demon flip overhead palm cancels to air tatsu…i dont know what the moves called someone correct me please. thought id share


Oni can link anything into anything.

He can link 2x st.jab into roundhouse or fierce


so whats this target combo you refer to, the back+strong, fierce one? I cant make sense of the combos posted because I’m not sure if you’re referring to the target combo as this… if so you’re saying that back+strong combos off standing jab and crouch strong? Sounds like he’ll have some NASTY combos off any jump in, or basically any lucky tap… even a mashed crouch jab will link into standing jab then target combo, fireball, FADC Ultra…

so please confirm what you refer to as target combo.


cr.lk > cr.lp > cr.hp is possible with Oni
Target Combo (b+mp, hp) 2nd hit will whiff on ducking


All this is just getting me more excited for Oni. AE’s just too far away.


I wonder, can you do Goshoryuken FADC instant Messatsu Gozanku? Or at least EX slash into instant Messatsu Gozanku? I want to juggle with it D:


can he do cr jabx2-cr forward-fireball?

I usually do that or a cr RH as a simple bnb for my shotos and then throw in either tatsu, EX tatsu, or shoryuken if i have the meter.

Like, gouken could not combo a hadouken after a short or forward…can oni?


I’m quite sure Oni can do it from mediums, not lights. Like Dan.


Dunno if it’s been mentioned, but you can naked EX slash straight into Ultra with Oni. Does considerable damage, too.


for full animation?


Nope, not even U1 or U2


Yeah, no animation. Ultra 1 seemed to do quite a bit though, like 400 or so. Reminds me of Ryu’s DP FADC U1 except you only need one bar. Easy to hit confirm, as well. Still, probably just a gimmick or waste of Ultra.


How is a 400 damage 1 bar easy hit confirm combo into ultra a waste of ultra? Or do you just mean picking U1 is a waste compared to U2?


But I heard U2 from that juggle does more damage…


Same here. Unless U1 does significant chip dmg I can’t really see a good reason to pick it.