I so hope they nurf the top tier in Marvel on 360, top 8 rosters is getting old


Anybody here hope they nurf the top tier? I swear marvel does need it. Shit is so boring to watch, same fucking bullshit teams, with the same old bullshit videos with those same bullshit teams. msp,mss,combofiend,santrax,matrix,scrub,rowtron,etc…

LOL no skill what so ever, and not even fun to watch, if you are a good marvel player you already know whats coming and what the player motives are to win the matches.

over 50 heroes to choose from and niggas still running the same 8.

Seriously, if 360 marvel nurf the top 8 way down, then we can finally have that creativity in marvel we once had. And for the top marvel players you see now will be the real scrubs they truly are because the only thing they know is how to infinite,gaurdbreak,unblockable,storm into drones,magnus into hail storm,built meter for cable.etc…

No wonder why marvel is dieing. Everyone been seeing the same shit for years.

Anyone else here hopes they nurf the top tier characters?


grabs popcorn

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.




if anything everyone else should get beefed up one way or another to balance it out


Oh for fucks sake…


Because the game was confirmed, right?


you realize there are alot lamer chars that could be top in marvel than the current tops right?


What is a “nurf” anyway? Some kind of demonic variation of a Smurf?

Seriously though, I doubt a rebalance would happen for MvC2, considering how massive of a job it will take.


Hmm… Somehow there is a 09 member with an 07 tag.


Obligatory “Fuck Marvel” post, reporting for duty.


I approve of this. I am all for Marvel characters getting smurfed. A blue Sentinel with a white hat stomping fools down would be tight.




Have you seen who wins the low tier marvel tournaments? It’s not a whole different group of players, it’s the same guys.

Marvel is fun because of all the crazy bullshit they do. The low tier characters don’t have the tools to make the game as exciting as the high tiers. Some have some really fun shit, but others end up being really boring. A better choice would be to improve all the lower tier characters.

wait, why am I answering you instead of just negging you…


It’s a foam football, silly.


purplebunny you need to change that AV, im gonna have a fucking nightmare tonight.



Cable can pretty much do anything ryu can do better and a character like Sentinal is far more complicated than ryu.

So I assume that some of you guys haven’t seen like Jwong playing marrow/guile/tron or yipes playing morrigan…


Yeah, we don’t really want Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter part 2.

Is any top player getting a say in the making of this? They should be, or else the game will turn out pretty bad…




Did you just say Marvel doesnt take skill

WTF is wrong with you?
Marvel is ALL about skill these days, cause everybody knows how to play it.
You cant just choose cable and expect your opponent to not be familiar with the matchup. Thats almost impossible.

Other than that I agree that Marvel is no fun to watch anymore unless you’re seeing your favorite player or a hype match (big MMs etc) happening.
Butregardless of that
its still fun to PLAY


I’d love it if Chun-Li didn’t suck, but Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is perfect as it is.