! I Speak For Many When I Say This!

OK ive been wanting to get this off my chest for quite awhile now. So first of all Third Strike is one of my Favorite fighting games and i though it was quite unfair that there is no more online play for the 360, unless you have (GGPO). And yes i know people, sometimes online play isnt as sharp as we would like it but there are instances where the gameplay feels as if one were playing next to their opponent on the same console. So i was wondering if there was going to be a deal where they put this game back on the X-box live arcade. That would make the world happy. And another game. So being that im so siked with the upcoming title Street Fighter X Tekken coming out we need some classics on the x box live arcade. What im insisting is that we get TEKKEN TAG TORNAMENT on the 360 arcade with online play since we the fans love our classics. AND what the Freak happened to MK 3 Ultimate on x box lol i love that game to. So all in all lets start trying to get Street Fighter 3 third strike and Tekken Tag on our x-box live arcade for online play purposes!!! Thank You :rock:

I’m happy to see 3s come out on XBLA, that way new players can finally play it.

Oh GOD…:wtf:

You know there’s a thread that you could have givin your little speech in…


So these 2 Great titles ThirdStrike and Tekken Tag should both come out on Xbox 360 and PS3. Cause there has been some time in both titles for example. Street fighter came out then Super Street Fighter came out. Tekken 5, Tekken 5 DR, and Tekken 6. Where are the ROOTS!!!

You act like GGPO is hard to get


You have reading comprehension problems? 3S Online has already been announced…

And the roots are buried deep underground at this point, people have moved on. Chances are 3S Online won’t make any majors and if they do it’ll only be for a year, due to all the new games coming out.