I stabbed someone at a Jonas Brothers concert


They deserved it.


So it was you…



What were YOU doing at a Jonas Brothers concert?


Everything and everyone.


I didn’t know you were one of the many guys trying to get a taste of Nick’s dick


I heard you got stabbed. That sucks man. If it was me you wouldn’t have been able to post about it.


living the dream!


good job


jonas brothers? i bet it was a not-so vicious slash.


Thanks for being so positive guys. Thurst how is Korea going? Have you eaten any great Korean fried chicken lately? I would stab someone for some spicy fried chicken.


koreans love fried chicken & watermelon more than the most stereotypical black person you could imagine. so to answer your question, yes i have had lots of great fried chicken, not much recently though.


C’mon guys I can’t believe you are falling for this!
He didn’t say WHAT he stabbed them with.
I keep telling you, keep up with homosexual lingo or you will constantly be tricked into advocating sodomy.


True story… Being Korean, I know this well.




lmfao wait so instead of deleting the thread, a mod deleted posts…wtf?


You…stabbed him? Why didn’t you slash him viciously?


Yeah we gotta talk about that VS.

I want you lay low for awhile. Because you’re probably wanted for murder.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Or was it an initiation stabbing to get into a gang?


It was for the Dragons. My life dream is to be the first person with duel membership to the Dragons and Hells Angels.


That kinda reminds me that you need to die by my hand. Remember me to stab you in the eye with my dick, then piss in your eye socket.


Shut your mouth young man