I still don't understand how plinking works?


I tried reading up about how to plink and i tried performing some combos with cody to test it out but i stll don’t understand the concept of it.


Plinking a method of making links easier - execution wise its performed tapping one button and then immediately tapping it and another button(‘secondary’) with lower priority. (Priority being determined HK->HP->MK down to LP which has no priority over anything) I do this by putting 2 fingers over the relevant buttons with the finger over the ‘secondary’ button being slightly higher and kinda sliding them over the buttons.

In practice mode you can confirm if it worked if you see the button and then the button + secondary right after i.e


if HP was the button you were trying to plink.

As I understand it the reason this works is because if a button is simply pressed for 2 consecutive frames it will assume you are holding the button and ignore the input. Since the plink creates two different inputs the game attempts both inputs and and since in the second input the ‘secondary’ is lower priority, the button you are trying to get comes out instead. So in the above example HP is tried for 2 consecutive frames allowing for 2 ‘tries’ at a link.


the concept is simple. if you’re doing it correctly you get two inputs so you it’s easier to hit the link. ill give an example below.

pretend O is the window for a 1f link


to hit that link normally you’ll have to press it at just the right time


when done correctly p-link gives you two inputs so you’ll have double the chance of hitting the link






both would work. in scene one you only have one chance of hitting the correct timing whereas for scene 2 you get two chances.


I wrote a big piece of text to explain everything but remembered there already is an excellent video out explaining these excecution concepts;
Video made by Vesper:

Everything you want to know about SSFIV can be found in his tutorial series, start from chapter 4. Plinking is in chapter 9.


thanks guys appreciate the help, could someone give me maybe a plinking combo for cody to practice?


s.MP to c.HP. It’s a 1 Frame link made MUCH easier by plinking.


can you plink cody’s crouching light punch, crouching light punch, cronching medium punch into criminal upper?


You can but I don’t think it is “worth the trouble” to plink such easy link. Like other said, it is mostly used for 1 frame links.


I plink all medium and heavy buttons regardless of how the difficulty in the original link, but maybe that is just me. I found learning plinking for just a few combos annoying so i decided to make it an unconcious effort and just do it for everything. sometimes a cr.lk link is needed(after a f.hp on a standing opponent) so in those instances i use it also.

Some common links:
Standard links
-Cl.hp, cr.mp (most common link used for big punish combos)
-cr.lp, cr.mp (most common link after a hitconfirm)
-f.mp, cr.mp
-cl.mp, cr.mp

Advanced links
-cl.mp, cr.hp (very important link as this forces a crouching opponent to stand, thus allowing you to hit the qcf.hk, which only hits standing opponents)
-cr.lp, cl.mp
-f.mp, cl.mp

Cody is an excellent beginner character where you can go increasingly more difficult the more and more comfortable you are with doing links, the character teaches alot of good habits :slight_smile: