I suck and can't EX in DC, help please

best joystick to use for PS2 version (i suck and can’t EX in DC)

i am not totally new to SFAIII3s, but i used to use akuma so i never had to EX moves… i want to know if anybody else has problems EXing the moves, i use a regular dreamcast controller with default controller settings, and since i use the trigger it doesn’t come out consistently. does anybody else have/used to have this problem? Am i retarded for using default controller settings? Or do i just need to practice it and then it will come out at my disposal

DC triggers are analog, which means that you’re no longer pressing the buttons at the “same time”. I’d suggest getting a new controller or joystick.

If you insist on using DC controllers, for whatever reason, the face buttons should be light and medium punches and kicks, use those instead of the trigger buttons for EX moves.

i only use the DC controller because i don’t have anything else…I am getting the PS2 version so i guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, any suggestions on what stick to get? anybody know how the anniversary arcade stick is?

I’d recommend the capcom fighting jam-stick modded with sanwa. Cheap and really good.

I looked up that jam stick, http://www.ncsxshop.com/cgi-bin/shop/HP2-159.html , noticed it looked exactly like the tekken 5 stick http://www.ebgames.com/ebx_assets/special_product_pages/Tekken5/Tekken5_stick.jpg …are there any differences between the two in performance? and when you say modded with sanwa what does that mean, you buy the parts and do it yourself?

Just grab an Agetec.

Ive used a DC controller for quite a while for 3s. Yeah it sucks, but if thats what you got, thats what you got.

Anyway, to help with EX moves try this:

Traditional layout–




A = analog pad. HP/HK are the analog triggers. Maybe I have all the punches/kicks opposite but it doesnt matter.

Anyway, the problem I suspect is that its hard to press LK/MK or LP/MP at the same time. Instead try this:




In the first setup, the width of your thumb (not that much space) has to cover LK/MK or LP/LK. In the second setup, the length of your thumb (much more space) covers LK/MK or LP/MP–so its much easier. Hope that helps.

edit: shit, it doesnt come out right on the forum. quote my post and see what the button layout looks like when you quote it and try to respond. if you cant see it, ill try to draw you a pic later on today.

I find the DC pad to be the most comfortable pad for fighting games, this is the config. I use:

X - lp
Y - hp
A - lk
B - hk
L - mp
R - mk

You can ex with 2 buttons on your pad, so you don’t need to worry about the trigger. Unless your thumb is to small ofcourse:P