I suck and can't karathrow

As for more that i try i never get a karathrow. I need tips on doing it since i already saw a tutorial about it but i can’t do it even though i push the buttons as fast as i can (i have a dreamcast controller)I only happen to get it random (and only when i press the R trigger for roundhouse to do oro’s kara and not even then i get it consistenly)I try to do it also by pressing the buttons at the same time but nothing how many time is left beetween pressin the kara button and the throw? is neccessary to know all data frames for the character i’m using?

Practice with akuma and if he grunts while he grabs you’re doing it right. It’s easier on a stick.

It’s a matter of frames. You’re probably not gonna have much luck doing it with a pad, but I’ve never tried playing with a DC pad so I might be wrong. Presuming you’re playing the DC version, the funky input detection probably doesn’t help either.

Work backwards.

What happens when try it with Chun? If you:

  1. get only s.MK = it means you’re not pressing LP+LK quickly enough after the MK.

  2. get only throw (with no forward movement)= it means you’re pressing MK AFTER the LP+LK.

Remember, you hit the normal, and then throw IMMEDIATELY after you do the normal, before it even comes out. It’s almost like hitting them all at the same time, but you hit the normal a slpit second before you throw.

Arcade is 100x easier to kara-throw than DC. I tried on DC and it’s annoying as hell to try. You can probably pick up kara-throwing easy at the arcade. Hard part for me was to actually get in the habit of using it.