I suck and the game knows it... (UMvC3)

I never set foot online in MvC3, and so far I’ve done 8 matches on UMvC3…

6 times I’ve been utterly destroyed… and the remaining 2 times were close games, but ultimately I lost with them having 1 remaining person at half life.

My questions are…

How long did it take in MvC3 before the good players started playing the good players and leaving us casuals to clumsily duke it out against each other?

Did it even reach that kind of point?

While I understand that you have to pay your dues in time and experience, I’m not looking forward to a record of 0-50 :wink:

If you want to get better…you HAVE to take your losses.
Learning from your losses is a big part of improving.

If you can’t take it…continue to chill in your scrubbery.

Lol… it’s marvel 3… just fuckin block til they look open and then mash on the buttons. I’m sure the game will reward you… this should cover about 93% of the people you’ll face online.

But the above poster isn’t shitting ya… if you want to be good against good players (meaning mostly not people online) you have to lose a lot. Just make sure you are losing the right way (with a clear head and nerves suppressed.)

Meh. A blockfest isn’t exactly my preferred style of play.

…and it’s hard to lose with a clear head and nerves when you’re getting roflstomped every moment of the fight.

Mostly what I’m after is… is my current experiences because the game just launched or is this pretty much how it’s going to be the entire time?

Some of us never develop. I’m amazing when I’m playing solo, but whenever I have to actually face real people, I just kinda spasm as if I’m having some sort of seizure.

You’d think I’d get better. You’d be wrong. I have a pretty damn good understanding of the principles of the game as well as the tools available to myself and my opponents… yet none of this matters, because I crack under any kind of pressure.

It all depends what you take from it. With your current attitude I can pretty much tell nothing will really change.

You just have to live up to the fact you will lose a lot. If you are getting “roflstomped” every game then figure out why that is.

This is the first marvel game I’m trying to learn competitively and I’m only good at 3rd strike. To tell my execution level, I can clear character missions up to 7 and the easy 8’s like Ryu’s x-factor 8 mission. I still definitely suck at right now, so I haven’t gone online yet. Also because I don’t have a clear, solid team yet. I like Vergil, but don’t know who to partner with him. I like Vergil with Dante’s Jam session assist, but I don’t like playing as Dante. So far my, it’s been really hard to form a well synergistic team.

Well if ur talking about playing people online… then u either have random fest or u block like a motherfucker and punish them. The reason being that they will NEVER stop hitting buttons. Ever. Never. Random moves… random supers… mash mash mash…

And yes… that will NEVER change. Almost EVERYONE online will ALWAYS play that way. Deal with it using ur brain or sell ur copy.

isn’t there a nub forum?

that sugar coat the obvious for nub who don’t want to be nubs?

if your starting out the biggest thing for you to learn is spacing good spacing relative to your opponent is really important and in a way the key is not to get caught in 50/50 while getting your opponent gets caught in your own 50/50 mix ups. I don’t think Virgil is a good starting character his very tricky character to make safe with out meter and that could be why your getting blown up.

I suggest picking up wesker run him on point learn some pressure strings from his thread and some of his basic bnbs, next grab akuma tatsu he’ll be your lock down assist the assist you use once you get in on your opponent to hold in place for a high/low left/right teleport mix up from wesker finally you need a good cover assist for clearing a path in and task master is really easy to play really solid character use his horizontal arrow assist for safe cover from a distance or his vertical arrow assist if your facing an opponent with a lot of aerial mobility. All three are solid pick up and play. You can be very scruby with this team and win but don’t sink to that try and play with a game plan. Set small goals you want to attain in online matches like setting up a cross up tatsu assist with a block string in to port ext. once you feel you understand the flow of the game go back to the lab and play the characters your actually interested in and fit your play style. Pay attention to your opponents assist calls if his assist is down it can be a good opportunity to safely pressure his point character

If you intend on improving as a player, you will eventually play these players who are stomping you and eventually learn to hold your own against them. Might as well do it now so you can learn from your betters (which is a lot better than learning how to stomp other newbies).

If you have no such intention… there’s Lobby Matches and Player Matches.

It’s not just UMvC3. It’s all fighting games.

Playing fighting games online is VERY different from playing FPS/3PS/puzzle/RTS games online. Before you start winning, you’re going to have to lose…A LOT. It’s called discipline. Just deal with it and learn from your mistakes.

Heh I have relegated myself to scrubbery. Got to 4th judge in vanilla, but I’m 50/50 at best. I don’t really have anybody I play with besides online and training. I still have trouble defensively and some of the crazy combos or fly/unfly stuff is hella hard on a pad too.

But I still win so I’m happy. And a TON of matches I lose cuz I’m trying a new character or just barely or x factor or a bad assist/tag. I’ll get better :P. I played some guy last night who stomped me with Doom/Virgil/??? all night long, yet at the end I had a match where I just seemed to play better and won decisively. Feelsgoodman

I feel bad when I see kids who are still 0 - 34

The competition right now at the early levels is dramatically tougher than it’ll be in two weeks or so. Two reasons for it:

1.) All ranks from vanilla got reset. Therefore bad players and good players alike are at the bottom and the same ranks So you’re going to be playing significantly better players than you otherwise would.

2.) The pool of bad players is much smaller until the weekend. Your hardcore players picked up the game the day of and started playing the shit out of it. Your casuals are probably waiting till today/the rest of the weekend to really play a lot. Thus exacerbating problem 1.)

Even if you suck at the game, the rape you’re experiencing by being online the last two days isn’t really the norm for starter players.


Fuck you for advocating more Wesker use online. They already comprise like 80% of the online player base as it is. Ugh.

You really should be more respectful of amputees.

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that wasn’t directed at amputees in any way, and Im sorry if I offended you.


My record is 3 - 33, I think, but I’m still having fun with the game. (Losing, like, 600 games of MvC2 really taught me a lot.)

I can do all my mains BnB now, though, and now I’m starting to experiment a little more, so the losses were totally worth it.

That is the kind of attitude you must have if you want to improve!

I used to be absolutely awful online in Vanilla. It’s only recently in UMVC3 that I’ve been getting a decent win rate. You just gotta keep playing and you should eventually get the hang of it.

I still can’t fight team trenchcoats though. Fuck teleports.

4-20 here and still have some fun getting crushed online. I just hope that one day I will finally get better. One day…

That’s actually not as bad as you think it is. I personally am bad at Marvel but take into account you’re facing different teams and tactics and with Ultimate, 12 more characters, so look on the bright side.