I suck so bad at Super SF4 and I don't know what to do about it

I’ve studied this game since it came out in April. I’ve tried Cammy, Honda, Guile, Rose, Ryu, Ken, Akuma and even Makoto!

I understand the terminology, psychology and the way the game is supposed to be played, yet I just can’t win.

I’m ready to give up and leave it to the pros, but I love the game…

What do I do?

record a match and let us take a look. Otherwise you need to be more specific to what aspects your having trouble with.

Study, study, study!!! But not just terminology and psychology. What good is psychology if you don’t know why they’re doing it? They study their opponent, they bait them and then they punish their mistakes. You have to do some serious studying if you wanna get “pro-level”. You gotta stay in the training and challenge modes for a long time! Study match-ups and study the normals of your characters you choose. Study up on frame advantages and disadvantages. Study normal moves and try not to jump or do special moves like supers, ultras or fireballs, etc. There are plenty of places and sites you can go to to learn more about the smallest details that can make a huge difference in your game. Study up and practice. You gotta put the time in or… just leave it to the pros and just play casually.

I can’t record video right now but basically everything I throw out is blocked or misses. Regardless of who I’m playing as.

I’m terrified to jump because 99% of the time I’m punished. I’m always outfootsied and baited.

I just feel like my reflexes are too slow.

I have the most success with Honda but I believe that’s only because he’s such a good character right now. Last night I was beaten by a Blanka who jumped back with HK. I was using Honda and didn’t know what to do. Headbutt, kicked. Jumping neutral HP, kicked. Walk up, kicked. I almost pulled a Scumbag out of pure frustration.

The game just isn’t fun anymore because I never win lol.

I hear you bro, and that’s what I do, but once the match goes live its like I’ve forgotten all the shit I learned and just do stuff that gets me killed. Either that or I’m just lamed out by scrub tactics. I’ve studied on YouTube, and here. I’ve seen countless videos of all the top players and have tried to copy what they do, but it just doesn’t work out. I guess 4 months of practice isn’t enough. Doesn’t help that I’ve changed mains like 10 times.

My execution is garbage too. I can do links and chains in training mode but as soon as I have a live opponent I drop combos like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s usually because I’ll be so surprised my combo starter hit, I don’t capitalize on the hit-confirm.

Its sad really… Lol

Lack of quality offline (or online for that matter) training partners hurts a lot too. I play alone.

You really have to play a lot.

Until you get used to the game and reacting IN the game you wont be better. You can’t read a book about a bike without getting used to the real feeling of actually riding a bike.

You just need to play a lot until you stop having to think about every situation and just react naturally.

You also need to play regularlly to keep your game up. The person I play the most will I hardly ever play anymore so now I play only once a week at local gatherings. My skill level has dropped significantly because of this.

Now that’s bullshit…you are in Cali.
There should be PLENTY of local training partners to find in LA. There’s a big group of players at UCLA for example.

Shit isnt that where valle does WNF

Of course there’s places to fight out here. WNF at Hollywood Park. The UCLA ranbats, etc.etc., but I’m not gonna go up there and get blown up. Those guys want competition. Not pot monsters lol.

I’m talking about practice time. Those are tournaments that I’m obviously not ready for.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Most get blown up on their first tournament. If you try hard enough you’ll get used to the tournament environment and do what you want to do anytime.

Just take a deep breath and look over whats available to you and realize that your that playing your best at this point is more important than the little loses that accumulate. Like for instance consider the srk podcast i was listening to a few month back when one sf pro was speaking about how daigo in the Japanese arcade kept getting challenged by this blanka player who could consistently beat him. Now think about if a guy who’s the best player who know his ryu better than anyone and if he could take those horrible losses behind the scenes and still keep going then my brother you can keep it going. Just don’t judge your skill by losses cause its more than you playing when your vs. someone.

Focus on one character and goto the honda sections. you’ll find that charge characters like blanka are honda’s hardest matchup.

Fuck, then go to AI, Dreamlab, or any of the other dozen fucking places that has casuals sessions. If you live in LA you have no excuse asking random people on SRK for help. I’m not trying to troll here, but don’t be a pussy.

It’s true

A lot of people here would kill to have the opportunities that this guy has

Forreal, certain guys would kill to be in the Cali scene.

Might also help to pick an easier to learn character.

You guys probably have some skill. I don’t. Means nothing if you live in LA if you can’t keep up. That plus the fact I can’t stay out until 12am on a Wednesday playing Street Fighter. I have a job.

Unfortunately it takes playing all day everyday to get decent at this game.

Its cool. I’ll probably reside to playing casually. You’re right, I’m not going to find what I’m looking for here.

I can’t even decide on the right character for me.

Team NAH and PSN for me, lol.

terrible attitude. attitude should be like, bitch, my entrance/venue/cover fee/token is the same as yours and imma play in this bitch just the same. if anyone doesn’t like it you tell them to kill themselves. that’s the proper way to do it.

Lol, only they get to keep playing, and I paid to get bodied free. :rofl:

Someone add me on PSN or let’s start a room. Tell me if I’m hopeless or not.

everyone sucks when they start, people aren’t going to make fun of you for being new dude. just go to an arcade, and when people see you play then can actually give you some pointers to go by.