I sware I've been hacked :(


I’ll explain this story to you guys to see what you think.

I went in to a match on Ranked with a guy named CovertRC, he/she was playing as Yun and had 0BP and PP. He got a chip hit on me in the first round and a grapple in the second round, so I definitely beat this person comfortably.

Anyways all I can remember afterwards is once the game finished, as it does your brought back to the main menu to recreate another lobby regardless of whether you win or lose. But just before that happened my screen froze and it was pitch black for over 10seconds before the main menu screen loaded up. And as soon as the screen did load up I noticed I lost player points, I lost 128.

As far as I’m aware that’s the maximum amount of points you can lose in a game, if you do actually lose. But I didn’t lose, I won. So my only thought was is that I got hacked the moment I went in to that game with CovertRC, win or lose I was always gonna lose those points.

Understandably I was very unhappy with this, has this happened with anybody else? Can somebody at least help me by clarifying this some how?


Just go win like 2 games and youll get it back.
No big deal.


Its swear not sware.

Also its 128 virtual points that mean nothing.


It’s the principle, and the fact that what happened is just wrong. But I guess you don’t get that.

Thank you for the correction grammar nazi, I knew of my spelling mistake after it was made but it’s not like I could do anything about it. If I could then I’m not aware of it. It’s the fact that I got hacked in the match that I was in, not just the loss of points. I don’t need you to tell me that the points are virtual and that they mean nothing you silly troll, I have a partner and a son so I certainly don’t need someone like you to tell me what matters in life. I’m simply just curious as to why what happened did happen, so leave this thread and go post pointless comments else where.


My point is who cares? Just win a couple games. If that guy cared enough to make a PP stealing program (one that only steals a little bit) and upload it on his xbox with the risk of getting banned, then he deserved the points. Move on is what I get.


That doesn’t justify cheating people at all. I guess it’s okay if I go out and start killing people because I cared enough and I’m risking lifetime imprisonment. it’s okay though because it’s only a little bit of people. He’s right, it’s the principle and even though the points don’t matter, stuff like this shouldn’t exist and should be reported for the future patch, if you really were cheated.


If you’re on PC get used to it


This is a common occurrence on AE for the PC? Wow.


lol at clueless morons making claims about hacking like you knew what you were talking about.

also thank god for Zyzz’s death, he was a roid and drug abuser and he wasn’t funny.


Regarding principle I suggest you learn how to apply context to situations like these. I personally like to call it common sense, but I guess you don’t get that.

Do you prosecute children that commit petty crimes?
Do you pay the government with no citation when you go over the speed limit?
Did you ever lie? Are you going to punish yourself for it?

Don’t bring up the argument of principle, because then this just becomes a conflict of values. And yours just happen to be retarded.

I only offered a reasonable solution to your predicament. I suggest you get off your high horse.


i stopped, i read, i loled


I have to agree with the original poster to some extent. Being cheated even though it’s a game doesn’t justify it as nothing and not a problem. What’s to say he won’t bump into a similar cheater again and again. Should he just win more games to compensate?
Sad thing is there’s nothing you can do to stop it apart from report them.


It could just as well be the game fucking up and whatnot. I lost like 300pp due to my game crashing 2-3 times because it counted as my quitting (realized that it was a costume causing it, before I went on a crashing spree :p). I also doubt someone would bother making a hack like this, and only making it steal 128pp.

When I first read the title I assumed it had something to do with losing the gfwl/steam account or something due to a keyloggger/hack, not losing a couple of points. Most likely just a game error, which isn’t that uncommon. I’ve just randomly lost items/points in MMORPGS (and most other kinds of games) due to random errors/disconnects/crashes or just weird stuff. Unless it couldn’t get returned by GM’s, losing a bunch of high level items in MMO’s sure takes a lot more time to get back than some meaningless points that don’t do anything.

Yes, this is certainly comparable.


Dude! Uncool. The man is dead. I agree that he was a bit of an idiot, but thanking god that someone has died has to be one of the most noxious, poisonous things I have ever read.

You carry that kind of negativity around with you and it’s on your head man. Life’s too short to be a hater. It’s only going to hold you back.

OP- It sucks but they’re just virtual points man. Play to enjoy the game. Getting points is just a (virtual) cherry on top, they really don’t mean that much. It sounds to me like you just had a semi crash, and the game read it as a disconnect. That’s just life.


What the hell is the matter with you? You actually make no sense at all. In your eyes because this person is taking the risk to get banned he deserves success in bad things that he does? Please read that back to yourself and understand just how ridiculous that sounds.

It was actually on Xbox dude.

No I’ll tell you what’s retarded pal. The fact that your turning what for me was just simply seeking the answer to my problem on a game to a political debate. All I wanted was for someone that’s technically minded with consoles to tell me what had happened in my game. So before you TRY educate me you silly moron perhaps you should stop for a moment and think about that.

I don’t know what you think you offered, but to me it was just a obnoxious reply from someone who didn’t give a toss but liked the sound of his voice.

Thanks to those people who did help. Sxio I guess after having the time to think about this, what you said does make sense. If that’s the case though and it was just a semi-crash, then I’m very unlucky because the game was over and I was just moments away from the main menu screen :/.


It’s like you never even read my first post. It’s still not a big deal, I simply offered the option of just ignoring it because its not and never will be worth any of your or our time.You then go off on some condescending tantrum. If you think thats an obnoxious post then I’d love to see you deal with someone like yourself.
What I said was not even political, and you’re hopeless. As if you were worth educating.


On Xbox?
Mute and Submit player review
once you mute,
never unmute


I had the same exact thing happen to me. It was a ~3200 PP Rose who I easily beat, and I had a huge payout (I think it was 100). But instead of freezing at the blank screen, it froze at the points screen (where they are showing the transfer). It hung for a long time. After that, I didn’t receive 100 PP which would have made me 2100, but 128 pts less.

But it didn’t come off as a hack to me. It seemed like a glitch.


For crying out loud everyone, the OP isn’t complaining about his lost points he’s concerned that he’s been hacked.

Raiden, I play on PSN and have had the same thing happen but only when the other player has disconnected at the last second to to try to preserve his/her points. In other times people have ragequit on me there’s no point change at all, and still other times if they disconnect after the KO I get my points anyway. There is no consistency in this sort of thing.

I seriously don’t think there’s any possibility whatsoever that there’s a hack on XBL–if you enounter again, especially against the same player, then report it to Microsoft, and feel free to e-mail a mod here on SRK. If a hack truly exists then it won’t last long because it will be exposed very quickly.


Done with this thread. Srk stands for Stupid Retarded Kids