I swear one of them tried to whip out a tatsu



We’d appreciate if you didn’t do this again. Thanks!

whatever dude. if you like the video, like the video. if you dont, pass it on by. this place seems to have a specific section for every little tiny difference in content and as the one you pointed out, many of them are actually hidden as “sub forums”. im not going to spend 20 minutes trying to locate the infinitesimally accurate location for a stupid video I thought would give people a laugh… and its not like im detracting from any otherwise intellectually superior conversations in here. so thanks for the tip, but its one video and believe me, its the last ill ever be posting here. in fact, i think this may be the last post i ever make on this site. the unscrupulous amount of rules and regulations present here is laughably annoying. what really cracks me up is how tirelessly its all enforced… lol you kids play nice now, ya hear? been nice knowing… some… of you…

Don’t mistake me for auditioning for a moderator job, but yeah, Video Gallery.

Op is obviously a pedophile with all that talk about wanting those little retarded muscular dystrophy kids to whip out something.

Finally…I have a reason to use this!




Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another thing, why don’t you use uppercase after the end of sentences?

What they said.