I switched to geif. .



And all of the problems with T.Hawk show as I play geif.


K…want a cookie sir?


Absolutely haha. Honestly what I am saying is I think that if all of the better hawk players out there tried geif out now since they are deep into hawk they won’t be disappointed.


Maybe the Hawk players play Hawk because they like him?


its no debate that out of the two grapplers, Gief is by far the superior one. I think most people who stick with hawk simply want to play as the character, as Azuro says.

nice to hear an experienced T.hawk player’s opinion on this though.


I’ve played Gief since Hyper Fighting, and I do NOT like Gief in SSFIV. I think the reason is because he plays too loose, and I hate the range on the SPD, among other reasons. The reason I like Hawk so much is he plays a lot like old school Gief played. If you played Street Fighter back then, you’ll know what I mean.


I’ve actually been fooling around a lot with Gief and I get what you mean lol. Might keep learning him. Idk.


might actually switch back to hawk.


I know what you mean.

The pros of Geif outweigh the cons.
The cons for T.Hawk are what are really keeping him back.

It also feels better to know I lose matches on execution mistakes rather than something stupid that T.Hawk should do but can’t, you know?

@Gridman he feels nice on AE. . . He may be better based on all the other nerfs too. Its like Hasbro made the game or something.