I. Take. One. AV. Request


Just no scrubby request.
i.e. Team Avatars.

Supply pic if it’s not your ordinary fighting game sprite request.
i.e. Human, Mario Sprites, and so on.

Oh, and you’ll get no animation from me.

Maybe I’ll take more if I have the time/people want more.


Request away people!!!




Storm avatar please?


I’m people.

& I want…

Guy av.

Black & Limegreen.________<<<
________________________.| | |
Sprite/art color swapping (to ^^^) would be cool.




If you have the time, make me a small site banner for my website please. No more than about 80 pixels height. Here’s the thread with more info if you’re interested …



Alright I’m lazy so can someone post a Storm sprite and a Guy sprite (color swapped if you please :)) and I’ll do just Liquid Fists and Jiorn’s av.

I’m super tired. Had to do a 7 mile parade for band yesterday then we went to the waterpark after and then I went to a graduation party right after.

Anyway, so if anyone could provide those sprites that would be appreciated. The Guy sprite doesn’t have to be color swapped but that would also be appreciated.

@ Jiorn: Has it been two weeks since you got your TMNT av from Kairi/Hybrid? Just to check up.

Now to get the creative juices flowing.




band sounds like a pain :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been 17 days since I requested from Shin/Fury.

Since Fightersgen is down I didn’t know where to get any good sprites/pics of any kind of Guy.

This will have to do I suppose:


: (