I Take Requests


Yeah, i feel like doing some requests. i’ll do 5 of them for now, and if i feel like doing more, ill say so. :slight_smile:

Just some stips, though.

[]Avatars and Tags only
]Provide Pictures of Good Quality.
[*]Don’t Annoy me.


well i’m not in need of anything… but i must say… nice to see you working around here again…


Urien avatar?

Pic: http://upl.silentwhisper.net/uplfolders/upload5/uriendone2.gif

If you can’t thats ok. :slight_smile:


thanks. :smiley:

DarkGiygas- Sure man


hmm am i allowed to ask for one again?

cuz if so can i have one of this pic?


@ monkeyspank: You already received an av from TMT. Gotta wait two weeks man.

Yay! I want one. An av that is. For old times sake. I’ll be back with the picture!

Edit: Attached below. I would like any sprite of Wario on his bike. Whichever one you decide to choose.

Edit Edit: Couldn’t attach it. But here’s the URL you can find it at.


Yay! [/screamingobsessedfan]


monkeyspank- you have to wait bro, sorry.

hg142-wuts up man, hows it goin? :cool:
attatchment isnt working. host it here: http://penpen.se/upload/index.php

EDIT: nevermind i got it.

DarkGiygas: done.:wink:


OMFG YES. :eek:

If a Urien knee drop sprite gets ripped, would you be able to make the same thing but with his knees on fire instead?


beep beep


sure, ill do a tag instead though.:slight_smile:


Lovely work with the sprite. :slight_smile:


cough I bet I received my PM right before TM crashed, right? :rolleyes: :wink:


i dont remember your request lol. :o



Just make something completely out of the blue from you.


:stuck_out_tongue: allright


oooo kame is doing request, was wondering if you would do an av with my shiki custom sprite


lol ok i was just making sure if it has already been two weeks…hmm you think you can save a spot for me? And at the end of the week can you make it? If not thats cool.




Can i please have an avatar with umm… makoto please :smiley:

Thanks dude, get on aim one day (when im on XD)


ill get to work on these next three.


Could you do an AV for me? I use K- groove sagat and vega. I’ll leave the content completely up to you. :slight_smile: