I think a completed taunt should add stun

If you think about it… aren’t you slightly affected when a character taunts you?
I think a taunt should cause stun propotionate to the length of the taunt. It’d also stop people from taunting just because you taunt, and attack instead.

I think that if you can complete a full taunt, it should add some stun to your opponent.
For example:
Ryu’s “Get serious!” taunt. 1.5ish seconds. 150 stun.
Makoto’s “Wow! You better try harder!” (she sits down) taunt. about 5 seconds. 500 stun.

You can’t stun an already stunned character, so the taunts after stun would be empty… but for show.
At any rate, I think it’d be a neat addition, and motivation to taunt.

I would make a complete taunt apply a bonus of 20% damage and a malus of 20% resistance to the opponent.

THAT would be fun ah ah ah.


Less time making stupid thread’s,more time going somewhere else.

Oh you mean third strike?

I agree with the idea that the taunts should actually do something.

They probably decided to not include that in this game because it doesn’t reward the losing player…and who wants to play a fighting game that doesn’t try to reward terrible players, right? :shake:

Indeed, sir.

I think they stopped making taunts do soemthing because some last for a very, very long time.

I mean what the hell would Dan Super taunt net you? & would it give you the benefit if you, say, KO’d the opponent with a gadouken & activates Super taunt before the KO. (Which is about the only way you’ll hit it full)

it should have invincibilty frames think about it opponent mashes srk you taunt LOL

Except that’s precisely what it’d do. When I have a HP lead with a grappler against, say, Chun-Li, I want to be able to back of and force her to come to me, without allowing her to build up my stun so that 1 hit stuns me before she goes in.

imma main blanka when this happens

Some characters would start to be over powered who have very fast taunts

Great idea!

Makoto landing a half assed combo sending you to the corner, tauting (500 stun lolololololololololol) and bam, you’re stunned and lose the round (no damage scaling because you got stunned with a single “hit”, being the taunt).

Really, you should apply to work for capcom’s balance team. I’d buy your game

The ONLY taunt that should add stun is dan’s crouching / jumping taunt if it hits. (Tbh I think that would be terrible too. But I do wish that it added 20meter on whiff given that frame / spacing wise it would still be better to spam gadoukens rather than spam crouching taunt.)

It rewards the player who taunts, doesn’t matter if you are winning or losing. Maybe you are making the assumption that the player who taunts has control of the match, but that is not always the case; there are plenty of situations where the player with the life lead would want to back off, giving the losing player space to taunt. In that situation, the losing player could taunt to debuff the winning player, forcing the winning player to put pressure on the loser instead of taking the stun, losing to one mix-up. It seems like this would be the opposite intention of the “OMG ULTRAS ARE BAD!!” crowd, but meh.

I am not actually considering the taunt causing stun idea. I just think that the taunts should do something.

…nobody would do that against a truly bad player. There is no reason to back off.

Back in the day, in MVC2, a completed taunt would cause stun.

When it didn’t cause massive internal hemorrhaging.


In MVC2 A completed taunt with JIN was an instant win,really though the juggle on it was hilarious.


He already has this - alternate 3 costume.

Who cares about playing bad players? You need to consider how it would work in high level play before you decide if it is something you would support.

…Capcom is literally designing games for bad players now. Beating the hell out of someone, taunting, and getting stronger for it is a nightmare scenario for them.

I’d accept this idea in exchange for taunts no longer being cancelable. A taunt you can cancel at any point is pretty stupid.