I think Capcom hears us Loud and Clear


Ive been cruising the mvc3 forums latey and noticed that A LOT of people want Mvc3 to play like Mvc2, makes sense. Capcom *probably/hopefully/maybe??? hits up these forums here and hears us loud and clear, we want MVC3. so I just hope we can all be a little more patient and I think that in the end, the players who really played MVC2 throughout its entire life ( everlasting life ) are gonna be happy.

My main question is who here knows if capcom is browsing these forums? It would be kinda nice to know for sure that capcom is listening to what we have to say on both sides of the argument.



The only thing Capcom hears is the jingle of money in their pockets as they walk out of the bank.

I’m interested as to why you think everything will be okay as it is, when you just said yourself you’re not certain the company even pays much heed to these forums.


the creator did say on the last day of E3 that the newer builds play much more like MVC2, and that in the end it should please them.

  • I really would just like to calm the nerves of people on here, the Hysteria has grown and grown to a point that could end up destryoing the scene on both sides of the argument.


Really stupid fucken thread. If you really do cruise the mvc3 threads then you answered your own question and are wasting our time.


^ if this is a stupid fucken thread, than why even waste your precious time coming into a thread like this? seems pretty fucken stupid to me. ^ This is the anger I was talking about earlier. People really do need to just calm down and take some deep breaths, everything is going to be OK.