I think decapre would be great with a fireball



I don’t know i really like her but i feel that something in her game is missing.

Sometimes i find myself wanting to just stay back and play a fireball game woth the opponent.

Also her ultra 1 is a fireball :confused:

I don’t know really how to explain since im a mediocre player and i dont really understand the meta, it’s just my feeling.

And as far as i know nothing is bound on <- -> + punch so yeah…

What do you think ?


I think you could just play Chun Li.

The thing about Decapre is that you are supposed to be spacing with her pokes, and keeping the other player off base with Scramble. Chun controls space the same way with pokes, but lacks the mobility and mix-up options Scramble affords. In lieu of that, she can back off and toss fireballs to control space from long distance. Decapre and Chun have some similarities, so there is the possibility you could enjoy both characters. My reccomendation would be to play Chun for a while, and see if she is more your style.



I second @AmishOpiate‌

Try Chun and see if she’s able to fill the gap you think Decapre has.


I want a teleport an spd and air fireball

No kappa at all


you’re all scrubs. what she really needs is a coward crouch


It would be cool to have a throw off of scramble.


give her lots of buffs and don’t test them for balance purposes plz


Getting ready for the next bug fix where Decapre’s charge time is changed to 32 frames accidentally.


2f gdlk


While I don’t think she needs a fireball necessarily… I think it could be cool if she had a mini version of Psycho Stream. Basically a slow moving orb but it would only take one hit, maybe two on the EX version. Could be fun for mix up shenanigans.


If this thread is turning into Decapre fan fiction, I would like an option out of Scramble that hits overhead.


Also, the fireball should be unblockable, hit full screen, and cause Cammy mains to uninstall the game.


oh decaprechan please let me enter your gaping face wound


That’s just dumb man. Full screen unlockable? Pfft…

She should have a property on her jab that saps the other person’s meter. But if you mash jab hands don’t come out as often, cause that happens a lot somehow, not sure why… I’m pretty sure I’m trying to mash JAB not get HANDS to come out… dumb game


I want cr. Hp 100% dmg (aka ohko)

You know she is stabbing you right?


All her stabbing normals should chip. You can’t block knives!


honestly due to that Cody should be her only 5/5 matchup, but that’s only when he picks up the knife… otherwise 10/0


She’s supposed to be a bad guy though. We need to go back to what OP and give her a projectile. A pistol would suit her playstyle very well. If they block too much, just shoot them. If they like jumping in and your anti-airs aren’t working, shoot them. If they like playing games when you wake up, keep the pistol under your pillow so you can reversal.


I want neutral jump hp to be a divekick.


Shit it looks like that kind of move.

She should just dive down from the air like Superman.