I think I broke my laptop

A few days ago I spilled pineapple juice on my laptop. When I came back with cleaning supplies the laptop was off. After I let it dry (I used water a paper towels) it turned back on and worked just fine. Later when I tried to turn it on again it was really hard. I assumed the juice had solidified somewhere in there. So I wet a Q-tip and rubbed it across the power button. It turned on and worked just fine. The next day that trick didnt work so I sprayed it with Windex. That worked really well. The next day I tried to turn it on and nothing was working so I used a q-tip with alcohol. It eventually turned on, but when it did it went BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB BEEB like and alarm and doesn’t really stop until I hit something on the keyboard it then takes me to a black screen that asks me what operating system I want to use. This happens when ever I turn it on. When I get to my desktop 80%of the keys on the keyboard dont work, but everything else does. What happened? What did I break?