I think i converted

when i first got this game, i mained chun just randomly and have done pretty well with her. but then i started to play adon and even though mine is bad, he is pretty fun. maybe it’s because he isn’t a turtle like chun is, but whatever the case… it’s fun. is it me or does adon need more lovin?

He just needs a big jaguar sleepover where all his fans come over and hug him. This is true and any one who is disagrees is a comi

This needed its own thread?? Good for you you switched character wow now where are the balloons and party poppers?

High five

Welcome to the pack midnightgreen! I also used to main Chun, and switched to Adon because he wasn’t as “turtley” as Chun.

Also, Adon does need more lovin. We have the 2nd lowest post count in Character Discussion (T-Hawk is the lowest).