I think I created the best Deadpool mixup I know



I just decided to try something for the heck of it, and I found what is nearly an unblockable, but you need an assist to combo afterwards.

If you use Deadpool’s overhead, and cancel it into QCB A before the second hit, it hits high and low with very little space in between. If they’re expecting it, you can just not cancel and hit high twice.
This technique seems to negate pushblock.

How I combo after it is when I’m near the corner, I do 6b > A1 (MODOK blaster assist) > QCB A. Then the beam hits them and you can shoryuken with good timing into an air combo to otg to whatever.

Has anyone else figured this out, or am i stupid and doing this is a terrible idea?


There’s a post in the stickies about it. I also saw this done in the evo stream archives but I haven’t messed with it much myself. With a good assist there’s no reason it wouldn’t be useful.


It seems that MODOK Balloon Bomb works better than blaster, as you can combo after it without being in the corner.


This can be great especially if you have a projectile assist because then you have a chance to be safe after and continue to combo. Usually light quick work just does its hit and then that’s it but if you can utilize it more like your saying with the overhead then that would be great

forgot to mention : I use this as well, when I have opponent in the corner and they move that direction, they are almost always dead since overhead plus gun shot low assist makes it unblockable. Anywhere else its tough to do since opponents can just roll in another direction but its something you may find useful


The balloon bomb can combo out of the corner, but you have to call it BEFORE you use the overhead, so you risk getting your assist hit.


I’m gonna try this w/ doom’s plasma beam.


This should work great with Unibeam, thanks for the tip! Lots of new Deadpool tech being discovered lately.

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Actually, the overhead is no longer cancel-able, so this doesn’t work anymore…


Guys, you could cancel overhead into specials in Vanilla. One of the changes in Ultimate is that you can’t anymore.


When I got in the lab last night I remember that.lolz


and now i know why they decided to patch that out.


nice but I’ll stick with L L L then forward M