I think I did something stupid


I’ve had my T5 stick for about a year now but when I first got it I didnt know anything about modding it out and I was annoyed at the fact that the red ball kept coming off, so I crazy glued the bastard on to the stick( DUMB IDEA!!! I KNOW!!) I was wondering is my stick still moddable?(I was thinking when I got another stick I could just disconnect it from the bottom and the stick would come out without having to unscrew the ball.) Any advice on this problem and future suggestions would be greatly appriciated.


You’re fine. You can just pop the “c” shaped ring off with some pliers to take the shaft out that way to remove the stick and swap in another one.


you’ll prorably be able to unscrew it with enough force.


Thank you so much. You just saved me alot of self ass kicking with that but I have another question: Can you mod A T5 to be solderless like a HRAP?


Ya, you mean with quick disconnects right? Thats actually the easiest way of putting Sanwa buttons in. Your lucky, i just modded a T5 PCB, i’ll take some pix for you of how it’ll look like if you want.


I’d really appreciate it. I’m really scared of soldering on somethingto a pcb but I am willing to learn.


I could be mistaken, but most mods typically requre soldering to the PCB; the quick disconnects usually attach to the joystick/button microswitches.