I think I don't "get" something about MvC3

As much as I like playing MvC3, when I get online, all I get is bodied. Like 10 straight losses kind of bodied. My team is Wesker(samurai edge low)/ Tron Bonne(Gustav Fire)/ Iron Man(Unibeam).

My synergy logic with this team:The iron man assist gives me left/right mixups with Wesker and lets me get in with Tron. Wesker assist makes long tron combos even longer, and Tron assist can get me out of getting punished as hard with Iron Man or Wesker.

I play with a stick, a stock Hori EX2. I just can’t get a hit in. It’s like all of their attacks just beat mine and they are always in the right place. I can block, even some of the mixups, but it feels like my moves don’t do anything. Obviously I know that isn’t true, but it feels like maybe there is something I don’t understand, something I am doing entirely wrong. I still really like the game and I don’t feel like quitting, but I would like to at least be competent. I don’t expect to be “GDLK”, I would be fine with “average”

I understand this isn’t a “please teach me how to do everything” board, but could someone play a few rounds with me, and maybe give me a really general idea on how to fix this? Anything from “You need to be doing x thing” “Don’t do y thing” “I think you just need more practice”. I don’t know if I am getting better/learning anything by getting destroyed online, so unlike when I was playing SF4, I don’t know if more practice is going to help. My gamertag is Norborb. If you would be willing to help me out, or you just want to play and get a bunch of easy wins, reply or get me on XBL. I know this is a wall of text but I wanted to be as specific as I could think to be Thank you for your patience.

You’re basically asking a lot of questions that can’t really be answered without sitting down and watching you play or at least seeing a video of your play. It’s probably just a lot of little things you aren’t doing. Coming from a mostly SF background for fighting games it was weird have to learn to use things like air throws to punish jump ins more often over stand normals and how to use assists to keep hit boxes on the screen and give you more room to get in.

It just sounds like you just lack footsies experience. Your opponents probably know, feel and understand the properties of their and your normals better than you, or have more solid traps, tactics and mixups. I wish there was replay recording, because you would be able to better analyze what you did wrong and what they did right.

I don’t have a capture card and there is no replay feature to MvC3.
@rtdzign are footsies really a big part of this game. Like I said, I played SF4 and even some super turbo and 3S. I understand what that is and why they are important to those games, but I can’t really understand how they apply here. I mean I could see how that could exist, but with all of the variable thrown in(assists, push blocks, super fast teleports) I can’t see how it would work. I can imagine trying to get in range with Dante or something, moving in, maybe trying to get a c.M but then suddenly he teleports, is right above my head, and if I pushed any button at all, I get hit very hard.



Sounds like this is for you.

I admit I have watched this video and I found it enlightening, especially considering two of the characters being talked about are ones that I play. The Wesker stuff is really cool but he doesn’t say much about Iron Man other than “hes a good assist”. Iron Man is kind of my user, his level 3 is devestating. I only get it though once my opponent stops respecting me, does somehting stupid, and then I raw punish with it though. Okay I killed one character, great he still has two and I die.

Marvel 3 isn’t all about the combos and other flashy shit, it’s how to abuse what you have by putting a ton of stuff on screen and setting up reaaaalllyyy dirty traps or mixups. that’s the reason why the top players win tournaments-- they know their characters very well, and thus they know a lot of setups that can help get the offense going. viscant doesn’t do japanese combo videos in his matches but he gets those W’s because of his fundamentals and setups with wesker and his assist character-- with some redhead insurance in the back, of course. defense is very important too so don’t forget that.

I think I am having a problem counter poking a player on the offensive. I understand that when their assist is out, I should probably just keep blocking but once it’s gone, it takes some time for them to get it back. If they are attacking me alone, I should be able to advancing guard and get some offense of my own going with my own assists and mixups by beating their attacks, but my timing is to sloppy for that so I hit a button at the wrong time and I get counter hit. This isn’t like in SF4 where if that happens, you get counter poked and take a bit of damage. Here, that one hit confirm turns into a huge combo and possibly a dead character. Timing your normals and push blocks when under pressure seems extremely crucial, and it takes practice. Also, just your movement execution, not just doing combos, but being able to dash in and out, wavedashing and stopping on a dime, seems to be a required skill. I need to be able to position myself exactly where I want to be, ground or air.

Correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

>add phoenix
>stop losing


I actually did try a phoenix team, didn’t really work out so well but then again those characters(Hulk, Tron) didn’t go so great with her

Do pushblocks as

N, :b:+:m:+:h:, :db: or :ub:

If you don’t get a pushblock, you will get a backdash and then a crouch/jump cancel (making it safe as long as you have a character who can crouch/jump cancel backdashes).

If you do that, your opponent’s point will rush in and do all sorts of things to you. What you should be looking to do is (a) Punish your opponent’s assist and make them afraid to call their assist (not easy to do with your team), (b) Bait them into calling their assist, jump out of the way of the assist and rush in to counterattack, © relentlessly pressure them with your assist + your point character and don’t give them a chance to call their assist.

the trick with option b is dealing with the point character at the same time, especially if it a teleporter. Option c seems like the best idea for my team, but if it doesn’t work and I have to play some defense, I still need a plan. So avoiding assists is better than blocking them. Hitting them back would be even better.

Going to tell you off the bat, with your team, it seems like you don’t know how to call your assists properly. Your Tron assist “Gustave Fire” should be going through everything if you are upclose (allowing you to start combos off the assist and punishing your opponents for rushdowns/attacks), she has an invulnerable start-up. You should only be using iron to help get in from a distance, or to extend your combos. Wouldn’t be able to tell you anymore without watching how you play.

simple training mode remove iron man for now because of executional barrier but learn he as a side character than work on wesker,tron and,… Know your opponent character i.e ammy i usually xfactor kill with one touch because she will cause you a lot of problems if she lives, she hulk be mobile a lot etc. importantly have a strategy.

Who can replace iron man, or his assist at least, for that team? That unibeam is crucial to my Wesker.

Try Taskmaster, he’s easy to learn and his arrows are a decent alternative to the Iron Man beam.

I will give Wesk/Tron/Task a shot. I lose some Wesker combos, but hopefully Task’s on point potential over Iron Man’s can make up for that.

Not sure if I want Tron 2nd and Task 3rd, or Task 2nd and Tron 3rd. In one configuration, two counter supers means potential for DHC glitch stuff, but in the other I have a Tron than can actually get in.

You might want to consider ditching Tron too… she’s easy to use but she’s limited in many ways and even worse she is set to be nerfed badly in UMvC3. Try Spencer instead, he pairs well with Wesker and is easy to use.

No Tron=no way to set up Wesker resets. What Spencer assists could really help me there? I end an air combo with S, land on the ground, dash up and shoot down with the gun, now what assist from Spencer is helping me reset so I can s.L and go for an air throw/command grab/airloop/etc?

Edit: Should I just run an entirely different team altogether. I mean, I guess I could do the Wolverine/Akuma/Sentinel thing, would you recommend that?