I think I forgot how to play the game correctly


I used to be good at SF then I learned about combos and now my whole game revolves around landing a combo, I can’t win with characters without crossups or vs someone with an SRK and if my opponent blocks my crossup I can’t win either, so I’m thinking about cutting my hands off or at least doing something to render them useless since they are now




“I am my greatest enemy”.


learn how to use your other normals to get in close enough to use your combos. As for you go about learning that…we all go different routes.

Usually I try to figure out the easiest way and hardest way to learn a combo. Usually ir works out as jump in and walk up, respectively.

Then consider what your opponent might do in either of those situations.

Jump in --> shoryu

walk up --> low forward, jab, short for the most part.

how do I avoid a shoryu? jump only from up close.
how do I avoid a low forward? flinch and block low to bait it out.
how do I avoid a cr. jab? first avoid low forward and then either stay out of jab distance and poke or look for new solutions.
how do I avoid a cr. short? " " " " " " " " " " short " " " high " " " " "

how to I hit with my cross ups? Jump over and do cross up. Did it hit? no? jab three times and reset situation. Did it hit this time? yes? finish your fucking combo


This is what will happen.
If I avoid low jab and short Ill just block low forward and then hadouken, back to square one


you can go through hadoukens.

What characters do you play?


you can go through hadoukens.

What characters do you play?

In the long run continuity becomes a huge factor. jabs that are followed by a low forward leave space between both of the attacks. Here is where you decide what you want to do. Usually a focus back dash will work or an uppercut if you feel like really making them listen. Next time the situation arises and you have health, try the dp again and see if they reacted how you wanted them to or not. If they got hit again, and you have enough health for another attempt go for it if you’re feeling ballsy. If they blocked, then you have set up a situation in which you are in control. Take the ball and run with it from there. Bet you he won’t be pushing so many buttons after a few jabs.

If you’re talking about single games online, then stop worrying about it.


Blanka, Adon, and sometimes Fuerte


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Blanka = EX ball between low forward --> fireballs, otherwise stay full screen and slide under the fireball spams. bait lowforward with a blanka 3k thing and when you think they’re going to do something do the EX blank up ball. I think that one hits low attacking players. I don’t know too much about blanka. Besides you wanna stay full screen as a blanka facing off against a shoto.

Adon = lol

fuerte = lol

I don’t know either of those chracters. Maybe someone else here can help you out.

I play a lowly (lolly) ryu. But I’ll own you it seems.


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