I think i found a new air juggle combo, kinda

Hugo with SA2 opponent in corner down back k, clap EX, Clap EX, SA2.

I got it done about 4 times so far, you gotta time each clap perfectly.

wow thats a lot of meter, then again u hardly use it with hugo… i bet the damage reduction is really bad on the grab part too… ill test it later…

one use for sa2 is stun potential… wall throw, fp clap, sa2 does an insane amount of stun…

For that combo to work wouldn’t you have to miss one or two of the hits off of the claps, and like eddieW said, that takes a lot of bar and most likely the damage is crap.

so you’re saying the down back k would combo into an ex clap?

another nice trick near the corner:
wall throw -> mp (hit em early) ->

  1. light clap (whiff) -> 360/720
  2. fierce clap (hit) - > combo

or you can do a jumping rh instead of the mp if you’re at least 3-4 characters spacing away from the corner…

Ultra Throw in the corner, lp clap, lk SDBB. Does about 3 or 4 more points of damage than a moonsault press.


Ultra Throw in the corner, early EX clap (have to whiff one hit) SDBB.
Does real decent damage, about 54 points I think.

oh wow i just noticed that with each addition of a clap, even if using ex, the damage of SA2 is utter crap. wtf is the deal with that?

no no, fp clap in sa2 is fine its does more damage than just doing the sa2… even though there is damage reduction on the sa2 the total damage comes out to be more… i forgot the points but i know for sure its more… plus the stun is crazy… the clap does mad stun and the sa2 does mad stun

Damage reduction. I forget the exact numbers but every special hit you use reduces the next hit by a certain percentage. Add to the fact that your EX claps are probably hitting 5-6 times is reducing the SAII by probably 60-70%.

oh man :frowning:

Not always true, some special moves will actually tack a few more points of damage along with stun i.e. hp clap into SAII

if i’m not wrong , wall throw - fp.clap - sa2 does 1 point more damage than wall throw - sa2 , and does better stun …

Oh yeah, sometimes the extra hit is worth it, even with the damage reduction you still come out ahead. The easiest example is with Ken, doing a fierce shoryuken -> Shippu will do less damage than the shippu by itself, but if you cancel the first hit of his medium shoryuken, it’s actually more powerful. Its all about experimentation and what’s easiest to pull off, what extra hits are worth doing, etc.

Fierce isn’t detrimental, strong is simply the better choice.

Strong DP (1 hit) -> Shippu 46
Fierce DP (1 hit) -> Shippu 41
Fierce DP (2 hits) -> Shippu 40
Shippu -> 40

Here’s some damage scaling nonsense with Hugo.

Stun with neutral throw, LP, MP, MP, MP, MP, Megaton Press, neutral throw, Megaton Press. Only 94 damage for 25 of Hugo’s hits. I’m sure someone can come up with an even longer Hugo combo than this using the Megaton Press.

This game has weird scaling.