I think I got a faulty Madcatz MLG TE anyones thoughts?

The start and select buttons wont work. The lock button is in the unlocked position and I can turn turbo on.

I think you should call Madcatz, or PM MarkMan. I suppose you could open up the back and check the wiring, if you really wanted to.

I think in most situations, opening up the stick voids the warranty. I wouldn’t do it if the stick’s new. Just PM Markman and if you don’t get a reply, contact MadCatz support. Someone should be able to help you out.

Call, Do not email Mad Catz support.

I am trying to call them but all I get is 5 fast beeps over and over. When they werent taking calls I got a message now that their open it just beeps at me. I am about to just return it to amazon and deal with the 2 week minimal turn around.

I would edit my above post and say Amazon makes it really easy to be replaced. More like I get my new stick tomorrow.

If you’re having trouble calling their support, try getting in touch with @MarkMan