I think I just found some tech that beats Bionic Arm

I haven’t seen this posted before so it may not be new to some of you, but its very new to me.

I was playing Spencer and had a buddy help me test things against his Bionic Arm. It turns out ANY charged version of Zero’s buster shot knocks Spencer completely out of Bionic Arm at any point during the move.

Maybe our timing was off, but it looked like Bionic Arm was completely punishable to all of Zero’s buster shot variants excluding the uncharged one during any from of Bionic Arm.There may be a window that he is still invincible on Bionic Arm against this, but if he is we didn’t find it at all.

Sorry to post this as a thread if anyone already knew this, but I haven’t seen this anywhere yet. We can just use the rest of the thread to test other things versus Bionic Arm and share any other tech we find or we could have a mod delete this if it turns out to be old hat to you guys. Please let me know if this is new, because I am reeling over here.

However, I at least know one thing…Spencer players should be careful against Zero players since they tend to always keep a charge ready.

Over half the roster has an easy way to on reaction beat bionic arm. This really isn’t anything new.

Bionic Arm has 11 frames of invincibility, 7 of those are his start-up frames. After those 11 you can smack anything you want on him and he’s done like dinner.


what he said, but as a Spencer player you should know better than to just throw the arm out there lol


Yeah, Bionic Arm isn’t that good invincibility wise, but as Kei said, you should know better than to just chuck it out there. Might as well rip the arm off and literally throw it out there. lol