I think i knew something about the Juggle Limit

i think when ever people attempt juggle .

on the last Hit … there is seem to be a slight freeze .

try watch KYSG part 2 , chunli combo .

isn’t it just 6 normal hits not including the specials and supers? i remember last year pinoAB7 actually broke the rule by performing a 7 hit juggle with all normals against makoto in the finals of some random 3 on 3 tournament. i have no idea what i should be lookin for in the chun li combo vid though.

just watched the vid again didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. the specials and supers don’t apply to the 6 hit rule.

i don’t know about the 6 hit rule >__> …

some time juggle combos are decreased when there’s more than 2 or 3 hits on ground-combo .

makes me wonder why necro parries 1 hit of elena’s eeer …ex- i forgot what is it called >__>

Go to the System Mechanics sticky. I explain the correct juggle rules there. There is no unusual “freeze” and it’s not about 6 hits.

some characters can do 7 hits. Because they’re cheap

necro can do 8 hit
for example ather a stun oponent in corner whit a grab (shotos) you can (s.jab >bd.fierce)x3> s.jabxxjab electricity

electricty is a special. doesnt count.

I want to know where you got this “freeze” stuff from. ya its 6 hits thats about it enless its a super or special ( wow i just repeated everything everyone in this thread said)

you are wrong , special moves count in limit this work becuase last s.jab hit in air reel of bd.fierce and jab electricity hit in air reel of s.jab but is only becuase electricity is very fast if you try other special (like jab tornado hook) comboing not work because this move not hit in air reel of jab and limit count work
super art count but some super art reset hit count

please read jinrai’s explanation in the system mechanics thread. there is no need for threads like this that spread misinformation.